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Find the motivation that motivates and motivates you to succeed - the motives for success

 Find the motivation that motivates and motivates you to succeed - the motives for success

For success is the demand of everyone, but few were able to reach it, why are these the ones who succeeded and not others? Of course, these people had a motive for this success, and the others wanted success, but the motives that make them succeed were not available to them, so the motive is the spark that ignites the enthusiasm of success without Motives for success It is impossible for anyone to succeed.

What is the motive for success

It is that internal or external thing that makes you in a constant movement and pursuit, and people vary in the amount of motivation they have, there are some who have a strong drive for success and do not bear the loss, and there are some simple motives for success, for such people are satisfied with spending their daily life in any way. You are looking for any motivation to make you move to succeed, because without the motivation for success you will remain at the bottom.

The components of success motivation

Motivation = goal x hope x enthusiasm x perseverance.

The motives for success consist of four things intertwined and related to each other, and one of them cannot come without the other and an illusion.

  1. The goal: a person’s motivation begins when he has a vision or ambition to achieve a certain thing, buy a piece of land, buy a car, excel in studies, get married, any goal that a person seeks to achieve is the first spark to be the motivation.
  2. Hope: After the goal becomes clear in front of the person, he begins to look at the possibility of achieving this goal, and the greater the hope and the greater the possibility of achieving the goal, the greater the motivation and the stronger your motivation for success.
  3. Enthusiasm: After the goal becomes clearer, and the hope for a more close achievement, the person’s enthusiasm begins to rush, and enthusiasm is one of the most important components of the motives for success.
  4. Perseverance: Your enthusiasm increased and you began to work towards achieving success. There are those who gradually decrease their enthusiasm and the less enthusiasm, the less the motives for success, but those who have the ability to persevere, these are the successes.

Types of motivation

1- The motive for survival: This motivation we always have. The successful and the loser, the rich and the poor have the motive for survival. This motive is what forces us to wake up early and go to work in order to provide a livelihood. The motive for survival exists in all living creatures from the largest to the smallest, and an example of that is the lion. And the gazelle, with the beginning of the day in the morning, each of them is running fast. The lion knows that it must run faster than the slowest deer, otherwise it will starve to death, and the deer knows that it must run faster than the fastest lion, otherwise it will be its prey, this is it Stay motivated.

2 - External motives: This type of strong but temporary motivation quickly ends with the end of the external factors, for example when you listen to an influential story about a successful person or after reading this topic about the motives for success, you may have a strong drive for success, and after a week this motivation decreases, After a month, this motive is as if it did not exist in the first place.

3- Internal motives: This is the strongest type of motivation, for those who have internal motives for success do not stop until they achieve this success. Internal motives are the forces behind human success, and as (Ralph Waldo Morson said)

“What is in front of us and what is behind us is very small compared to what is inside us.”

A study demonstrating the importance of motivation

There is a study conducted on fish to find out why the fish found in the sea have a better taste than fish in farm ponds, and they found that sea fish are in a constant movement in search of food or escaping from sharks, this continuous movement makes blood circulation active and makes sea fish more active From the other fish, from here the scientists found the importance of having a motive for any being on the face of the earth, not just humans.

Find your motivation for success

The study we mentioned earlier shows the importance of having a drive to succeed, for example fear of illness makes you exercise and eat healthy food, fear of poverty makes you search for a suitable job and makes you start your own project, your concern for the future of your children will be a motivation for their education and proper upbringing, and so on.

A person must search for a motive that makes him strive and tire for more success, and without this motivation you will not succeed, and your motives should not only be worldly, but you must have motives for the hereafter, as good work and doing good deeds are among the motives that make you win Paradise.

The story of the young man, the wise man, and the motives for success

A man went to a wise sheikh asking him for advice to succeed, so he advised that he had inflammatory motives for success, so the question and what are these motives that might bring me success, so the wise man went and brought a bucket full of water, then he told him to look at this bucket, and as soon as he put his head in front of the water The wise man immersed his head in the water, at first the young man remained calm in the water, and then he tried to save himself but with little enthusiasm, and in the end, when he drew close to completion, the young man was able to free himself from the grip of the wise man, then the wise man asked him what I learned, and he said to him nothing Then he told him this is the lesson in the motives for success, in the beginning you did not have a motive to rid yourself of it and you could not survive, but in the end, when you were on the verge of death, this was a strong motive that made you do everything you can to save your life.

In the end, I conclude with you with Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq's response when someone asked, "What motivates you to try?"

He replied, "My strong belief that the bottom is not mine."