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Desire is the first rule for success - Motives for success

 Desire is the first rule for success-Motives for success

Desire is the first rule of success, and the secret of success is the burning desire, and that for a person

Three motives:

The first motive:

 It is the survival motive, which forces a person to satisfy his basic needs such as food, air and water. If there is something threatening your survival, you will become alert and your enthusiasm will be stronger to save your life.

The second motive: 

which is the external motives:
And its source is the outside world as a distinguished lecturer, friend, family member, magazines, books, or anyone .. The problem of these motives is that they fade away quickly, so you may be very affected by hearing a lecture, and are active and your motivation is high, but after a week, will your concern be the same ??? Mark Twain said, "You can wait and hope for something to happen that makes you feel good about yourself and your work, but you can guarantee happiness if you give it to yourself."

The third motive: 

it is the internal motivation, and it is one of the strongest and most enduring motives, as you are guided by your inner self-forces that lead you to achieve great results.

Internal motives are the reason why the average person does things higher than the normal level and reach great results ..

They are the forces behind human success .. It is the difference that explains the variation in people's lives .. It is the force that pushes you to plant flowers yourself instead of To wait for someone to present it to you, the inner motives are the light that radiates from ourselves, it is the genie sleeping inside us waiting for us to wake him up.

Finally, I think that each of us wishes that his inner motives are that mighty energy, active and alert, but that will not be inactivity, laziness, sleep and watching television to watch serials or sitting on boards for hours to play cards and dominoes, but by work, activity, education and pursuit in every field, taking experience from its owners and making sure before all Something that we have more motivations and energies for success than we can imagine