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Comparison between the types of hard disk ( HDD ) Western Digital HDD Colors Explained 

When looking to choose and buy a new hard disk suitable for you . You'll find and discover that this thing is difficult  for you .

when buying there will not be only one type . There are a lot of companies manufacturers of hard disk .

Not only that . But you'll find in front of you several types and colors different for Hard Disk

You will find companies factory such as :

( Segate - Samsung - Fujitsu - Toshiba - Western Digital - Hitachi - ADATA - SonyAnd others )

And you will find different colors for the hard disk such as : ( blue - red - green - black - purple - gold )

And that's where a company Western Digital It is the largest and months , a company factory in the field of industry hard disk , and the most prevalent

Thus, we will now make a detailed comparison of the types of hard disks  For this company

In terms of the difference between their types and colors, and which one will suit you when choosing between them .

Comparison elements :
Introduction : to understand well
It contains a series of disks from Western Digital Currently in six colors :

Blue, green , red, purple, black and gold .

All these colors can be be confusing . That's why we've created this article to explain the difference to you .

this is made for purposes different , so the important selection of the most appropriate for your needs .

But it may be the use of sandals more wisdom and effectiveness when they are at the beach and shoes long when it is there snow . Or winter long when it is there Seoul . The same goes for hard drives . Choose the most suitable for you

1 - Blue hard disk WD-Blue-HDD

2 - The green hard disk WD Green HDD

3 - The black hard disk WD-Black-HDD

4 - The red hard disk WD Red HDD

5 - Violet hard disk WD Purple HDD

6 - Golden hard disk WD Gold HDD


1 - Blue hard disk WD-Blue-HDD

This is the type most suitable for most computer users
Prepare WD Blue it is a well to store any thing you need , whether it was that of games or some music and pictures only . As it is located in a place wonderful from where performance and price , which makes it great .

In addition to its distinction with a number of techniques for regular use , and among those technologies

Technique No Touch: That prevents reading heads Heads From touching a storage drive Platters Inside the hard itself
Technique ShockGuard: Which protects the hard disk as much as possible from shocks

Technology operating silent third party accompanied by noise high as that one species excellent in the process of take - off Booting

2 - The green hard disk WD Green HDD

The company manufactures this kind of hard disks  to be a friend of the environment and be less consuming energy , where up the proportion of supplied energy to the ratio of 40% as it is accompanied by running silent and noise of light too , or almost non - existent

It is worth noting that the company Western Digital It has stopped for the production of this type of hard disks  and has merged hard green to the kinds of hard blue so you can say that the hard green has become is a hard blue now .
Thus Getting the hard blue instead of it is the option appropriate for the use of personal .

3 - Black Hard WD-Black-HDD

This type of hard card is suitable for the professional user of games and design and montage work

The advantage of efficient performance overall for Hard and reduces the time of operations reading and writing on the hard

Distinguishes this type is used for many of the techniques brilliant and perhaps the most important

Dual Processor Which is used to double the speed of processing orders and processes

This type also of species brilliant in the process of take - off Booting .

Just what 's wrong with these species is the consumption of energy big too

4 - Red hard disk - WD Red HDD

Suitable for network storage and work on servers . Where they can work 24 hours in a day - 7 days in a week

Fit these types of work continued and consumption little energy with a few low degree temperature

5- Violet hard disk - WD Purple HDD

It has been designed to work in registration continuous and monitoring and work for periods of long

Thus it is recommended to use it with continuous recording . And appropriate in dealing with a number of cameras up to 32 camera .

There is another type called The Purple NV It can be supported by more than 32 camera


6 - Gold hard disk - WD Gold HDD

This type of hard disk is designed to work in the field of servers and networks
Which it has been designed to withstand the pressure of 550 Terra bytes in the year
The size of up to 3.5 inches
Suitable for servers that are carrying high on the hard
It works for the biggest twice of hard red and black


Summarize the article :

1 - The blue hard disk is suitable for general use for storage and the ordinary user

2 - is a hard black suitable for games and the creation of content such as video , editing and design

3 - The red hard disk is suitable for use on networks and servers

4 - Violet hard disk is suitable in the case of continuous recording and monitoring devices

5 - The golden hard drive is more suitable for use with heavy storage and large data transfer