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How can hacker easily hack your account?

How can hacker easily hack your account?

There was a guy named PA who tried to hack into someone's Facebook account using only his some things

Without any use of hacking tools . only   collected sensitive information about him such as his date of birth, what he liked, what things or words he liked, and other similar information.

During three days of searching and gathering the information,he was finally able to find out the password of that person's account. And the password was a word that that person liked with the last four digits of his birthday.

he used his personal skills in discovering the password, but what about the hacking tools that are in use today that can easily crack passwords?

I am sure that most of you use similar passwords such as his name and phone number, or his old phone number with the name of his grandfather or his father or his name with his date of birth, or just numbers, etc. ... to make it easier for users to remember the password and this is the problem of the majority

As they want to remember the password. But the biggest problem is that these users use the same password on all their accounts, which makes the task easier for hackers to hack all accounts at once.

So what should you do to secure your accounts as the ultimate protection on the Internet?

1 - You must use a password consisting of at least 8 characters, but 12 characters are recommended. The password will be upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, for example T52r9 - @ ^ h6.

You will say it is difficult to memorize password like this. Yes, it is, but you can record it in a notebook. That is, you will record all passwords for all your accounts on a notebook and put this notebook in a safe place.

But beware of creating a word file and storing all passwords for your accounts on it, and then storing the word file on the computer or phone, as some users do, because the hacker will easily steal the file if it attacks your device,

This will enable him to have access to all of your accounts simultaneously.

2 - Each account must have a different password. For example, making the password in your Facebook account is completely different from the password in your Gmail or Yahoo account or your bank account, and so on.

3 - You must use two factor authentication, which means two-step verification. For example, a password with a phone number, or a password with a USB Key for important accounts.

What does this mean? It means that if the hacker obtains your password, he will not be able to access your account without the authentication code that is sent to your phone by text message.

But there were hacks for people with phone numbers in a variety of ways.

For example, the hacker executes an attack called MITM between the router and your device, and when the authentication code is sent to your phone,

The hacker will be able to read the code and thus hack the account.

Therefore, some companies have developed this protection and added a USB Key, meaning that the hacker will not be able to enter the account without putting the USB in the computer until the account is opened and this is called physical access

This is what security professionals use. Usb key or Security key prices are from $ 15 and more.

There is also a high security method which is password with the Authentication Code in case you do not want your phone to be an authentication code for your account.

There is an application called Google Authenticator or another application such as Microsoft Authenticator, you can download one of these applications and link your accounts to it.

The application gives you random codes that change constantly, and each cycle has 30 seconds, then the code will change. When you want to open your account, you will have to enter a random code before the code cycle ends.

This will make it difficult for a hacker to obtain the code.

To achieve high security, never save any password to your browser. Because some of the websites used by hackers use cookies in order to enter the browser and steal all the saved passwords.

There is also an attack known as MITB. This attack is between your browser and the hacker. Where the hacker implants a tool inside your browser that makes it able to see anything you do, such as entering passwords on the browser or tracking any website you visit.

Therefore, you must constantly make sure that your browser is completely clean of any harmful tools or add-ons. Like Google, it has added a tool to check its Google Chrome browser for the presence of any viruses on it by going to chrome: // settings / cleanup, then click on Find and it will search for viruses if found.

These were some tips for securing your internet accounts.