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12 tips to increase the speed of Windows start-up and avoid any lagging

12 tips to increase the speed of Windows start-up and avoid any lagging 

There are some devices, specifically when taking off, that takes a very long time and begins to vocalize and stops, and you have to wait perhaps for half an hour and may turn off and open the device more than once due to the constant vibration when Windows booting 

The prevailing belief is that the cause of this problem is the weak capabilities of the device. This may be true, or perhaps not 

But this problem also occurs to some devices with high capabilities. What does that mean ? 

This means that there may be other reasons that slow down or stutter the device when it starts up 

These reasons are due to the fact that Windows does a lot of operations at startup. These programs may be unimportant at startup and can be dispensed with. 

Or take some important steps that may lead to a faster take-off 

This can be done using some of the following steps: 

1 - Adjust the BIOS settings so that the hard drive starts up directly 

And that by setting the First Boot Device on the hard disk 

2 - Stop some programs that work with the startup 

By pressing the Windows button on the keyboard + the R button to access the RUN menu 

Then type msconfig, then choose Start Up, then delete the check mark in front of the programs that you do not want to run with the start of operation and then click OK. 

3 - Remove the unused attachments attached to the computer such as flash drives and the floppy disk before starting the operation. 

4 - Checking the hard disk for harmful viruses 

Viruses consume a lot of device resources. And that causes complete slowdown in the device, especially when taking off 

5 - Checking the hard disk for problems and the device that cause problems and frequent irritation 

6 - Make sure that there is enough free space in the Windows disk 

Especially on the Windows C Partition 

7 - Ensure the integrity of the power supply and the safety of the cables connected to the hard drive 

8 - Programs to increase the boot speed of your computer, which fix errors and clean and remove registry files 

And that by using some programs that repair and clean registry files 

Read the following article: The three best programs to clean and speed up Windows by 100% 

9 - Reducing the number of icons on the desktop 

10- If your computer is relatively weak, do not use a theme other than official Windows themes 

11- Increasing RAM is good for increasing Windows speed in general 

12- Do not use more than one protection program 

(Using more than one security program causes conflicts between them and thus problems in the speed of booting)