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how to increase motivation to study as Successful Students

you have an opportunity right now that you won't have a few years from now this is an opportunity of a lifetime your family are counting on you to study hard your friends are counting on you to study hard and maybe you don't realize it yet but your future self is counting on you to study hard and the goal is not to keep studying until you're contained

the idea is not to keep studying until you become satisfied with your grades you should never be satisfied you should always be striving for better because the day you become content with your grades that's the day that you stop evaluating yourself that's the day you stop growing that's the day that the person trying to catch you will catch you you have to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you have right now

you don't have to be the most talented or the wisest or the smartest or the wealthiest you don't have to be the most intelligent to get to the top but you've got a study you have to out study everyone your classmates might come from money they might have parents that own businesses they might know people and are able to get them a job but they will not out study and what you have to do is make a decision then no matter how privileged or talented anyone else's in your class you're going to out study them but how do you out study everyone else in your class I'll leave you with the words of Eric Thomas I've looked at the most successful people in the world and I realized that they have seven or eight similar things in common and one of the things

they all had in common was that they all had a root they are obsessed with routine they don't have a gap of wasted time in their routine they don't grind until 6 p.m. and then played video games for the rest of the night they're not scrolling mindlessly through Instagram four hours a day they don't have time that's a poverty mindset

successful people don't waste time they don't watch TV they don't do a lot of entertainment if they're not working then they're studying or getting better at their craft so what you have to decide is do you want to be in the 99% or the 1% and you'll only join the 1% when you start thinking like the 1% working like the 1% walking what the 1% how you prioritize your studying over the next 365 days will significantly alter the journey you're on and whether you make it into the 1% Club Aristotle said you are what you repeatedly do there for excellence ought to be a habit not an act don't ever forget that as coach Jay said I'm not your coach right now I'm your conscience you're in a fight between will and skill I say will first because that's where you are you're locked and loaded with skill you're studying every day you're putting in your work you're buying everything your books pins no pets

you're making the investment you're living your dream you're walking like your dream you're surrounding yourself with your dream you're studying until late and night and waking up early to do it all over again you've put your work in you've got your skill and now it's the test of your will it's a mindset thing you're in right now it's a mindset thing because your challenge isn't moving your mountain is not moving you don't feel like you're making any progress you're not physically moving when you see everything else around you and other people around you moving you're not making progress you're in a test of your will right now because life says it has a little more tests for you it's no

different because you messed up because you fell off the wagon because you failed an exam two exams three exams you gave up on your studying you dropped out last year and you really want your dream to happen and you're putting in your work and nothing's happening yet this is our moment ladies and gentlemen this right here is our moment guys you've all got to think about that just for a minute this right here this moment right here this is our moment to where we make what we have been dreaming of into reality the exams you have coming it all starts in your mind you've got to fall

back on everything that you've learned everything that you've prepared for every hour you spend studying for it you've prepared well for this dreams can become buried under discouragement buried under past mistakes there are dreams buried under failed exams buried under low self-esteem it's easy to settle for average grades even though you have all this potential buried on the inside all of us have things that we're believing for something we want to accomplish deep down we know it's a part of our destiny we can feel it so strongly but then we hit some setbacks we didn't pass the exam our results weren't good enough if you do your part and start believing again and get your passion back it's on the way go back and try again the true mark of a champion is even though some dirt gets thrown on your dream instead of letting it get buried you keep shaking it off you keep moving forward you keep looking for new opportunities