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How To Be Confident In Any Situation

a lot of people want to know how to have the body language for confidence so and actually in our modern world we spend all our time on the computer and slump we've kind of forgotten how to hold ourselves

 so I'm going to show you how to have the body language of someone who appears to be incredibly confident
first thing is they speak slowly and they don't wave their hands around I saw myself on television many years ago and I noticed I was doing this throughout the whole into it I thought hmm that's not a good look and I learned when I was on TV to sit on my hands and to speak quite slowly look at the camera and you know I wasn't confident was that oh my god you're so confident I really wasn't I looked at people who were not so they speak slowly they didn't flap around they may do that well there but they're very composed they keep their shoulders up they keep their stomach and they don't sit like that so you can do that whenever you're talking to someone try to keep your chin up keep your shoulders down and back speak slowly don't speak fast and loud if you've ever seen those movies like mafia movies you notice the head guy they almost whisper and everyone has to kind of listen to them

they don't shout they don't get all excited because powerful people speak slowly they are very commanding they command the stage they have presence and you can have it too by speaking slowly taking on the posture shoulders up and back chin just so make eye contact when you speed or look at them you have two ears and one mouth for a reason speak and then listen lesson to other people make them feel interesting imagine if everyone you met a little sentence tattooed on their for that said please make me feel important so when you meet people it isn't about you saying yeah Here I am and this is what I do and I'm this and bravura what do you do tell me about you act as if you're interested you know that's what the royal family do they smile they listen they do it hundreds of times they're probably not interested in you and the tomatoes you grow but they make a point of acting like they are and that's a great gift and you know I do book signings we'll say oh my god you're so nice you're

so available I make a point of making everyone feel interesting smiling and everyone signing their name saying who will you tell me they're buying my book I owe them that at least I don't get on another one scribble scribble scribble there you are I engage with people I make them feel important I don't ask them to make me feel importance their body language posture don't do all this wringing your hands fiddling little hang now playing with your jewelry fluffing your hair doing that because you're saying I'm the strength is shown in stillness you're still you are the more strong and powerful you appear speak slowly try to be still in your movements try not to wave around and we saw by believing in yourself there are so many things you can do that give you the posture of someone who believed in themselves walk with confidence talk with confidence meet people's eye level people

make this classic mistake someone says tell me about you to go well what I do is and and they try to erase through it in case that person is born don't do that say what I do is and the reason I do it why I love it so much and take your time don't go into a whole story but don't rush who you are and what makes your heart sing if you will look bored you'll find out and then you can just say anyway enough about me what about you but don't gobble through it when you're speaking to someone you'll know if they're bored because their shoulders will start to turn towards their door their shoulders that means their hips and when you're bored you'll notice that you do that you really want to do that if you're

speaking someone who might be going to employ you no matter how bored you are keep your shoulders your knees and your hips face towards them keep that towards them and then it says I'm interested in you I find you interesting if you want to flirt do the same thing keep focusing someone takes the rash and fluff off their shirt touch them and even if it's not a romantic thing study shows that waitresses who touch their customers on the arm or waiters and go thank you so much get bigger tips there was a test where people had to stop in the street and say to someone hey I'm lost could you tell

me where to go and that's the person did they touch when do you thank you and then it was went out and then interviewers went up to them you know the ones who got touched remembered everything about the person who touched them they weren't attracted to them but the person that touched him on the arm they could remember what they looked like and what they said so touch is very important it's okay to touch someone not consistently and obviously respect their boundaries you touch their shoulder with their arm and if you think they won't like it you don't do it here's a one final thing when

we're nervous our mouth gets dry we've all seen people licking their lips because they are nervous you may notice that court lawyers print water all their own people giving evidence drink water when you are nervous your mouth gets dry and you lick your lips when you're nervous you tend to have your shoulders up around your ears if you're nervous push your shoulders down all the way down and then fill up your mouth with saliva pump it around your mouth I know it sounds disgusting but who knows you're doing it you didn't know I just did that if you can make your mouth aware you send a

message to your mind that says I'm really relaxed guess what you do that every time you kiss when you kiss your mouth gets wet and your brain goes wet mouth equals being relaxed doesn't matter which way it comes so fill up your mouth with saliva swirling around and your brain will think what mouth means you're relaxed if you're nervous do that drink water swirl it around I promise you it sends a message to your mind that says you are relaxed keep your shoulders down .

the way you walk by the way you talk by the volume of your voice by the speed of your voice by your hand movements by eye contact and people who are successful do this naturally and you may have to do it unnaturally who cares if you do it you know what happens it starts being who you are and what you do and then it is who you are so it starts by doing what you do and then it becomes who you are you'll find that if you keep pushing your shoulders down filling up your mouth or saliva holding yourself straight making eye contact that eventually you do it on autopilot that's a wonderful thing it's a great thing it's yours for the taking go to a and find out more about how to do this so it stops being what you do and becomes who you are thanks for tuning in grow in confidence grow in self-esteem do it today and soon you'll find you do it every day see you soon