4 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

hi and welcome to Positive Attitude today we're going to talk about four simple habits that will change your life these four habits that i'm going to talk about today are like i said very simple very easy to adapt and they have a big impact so they have the potential to change your life spoiler alert waking up early is not on this list because i mean yes it is life-changing

but it's definitely definitely not that easy so let's dive right in the first one is

Not being responsive 

and this is a habit that i have included in my life a while ago and i think i'll never never leave this because it just really skyrocketed my productivity what i mean by not being too responsive is actually about two separate things the first one is not being responsive to tasks the things that come into your life during the day the things that you have to do that you probably leave what you're doing right now to tackle right away and that is just disrupting whatever you're doing and you're being responsive to that task so what i do instead is i capture all of these information and to do and whatever it might be i put them in a section in my planner and i go back to it the next day of course if it's very very urgent that's not you know included in this habit or this role but most of the time it's not that urgent the things that come in during the day so i try to not change my whole day plan according to you know some new information some new things that come into my life
the second part of this is not being too responsive to people and when i see people i mean text messages phone calls emails all of that stuff i have a time where i answer emails every day for an hour other than that i don't look at my emails because come on like we can never do anything anything else if we answered every email as soon as they come in that's one thing the other one is whatsapp messages obviously if you start responding immediately you can spend hours on whatsapp or instagram or whatever you're using some people are using telegram i think right now and of course phone calls i try to keep my phone silent when i'm doing something i mean not the whole day but at least a good chunk of the day i don't answer phone calls if it's urgent they'll get to me but generally answering phone calls even if you don't keep your phone on silent answering them while you're doing something important will definitely definitely kill your productivity so don't be too responsive i think this is a very very productive habit to have obviously after these things come in you have to have a dedicated time to process all of that like you know return the phone call answer the message or if you captured that task or that information put that thing into either a to-do list or an idealist which are two completely different things and that's another video's topic but absolutely absolutely have a system in place where you don't respond as they come in and do respond when you want to because this means you control your day your time and that means you control your life and that is all this channel is about basically life improvement and self-improvement so if you're interested in these topics make sure that you're subscribed because i'm on a mission to grow this channel to 10 000 family members here i have another channel that is a little bit bigger than this in another language and i really want this channel to grow to 10 000. so if you want to help me with that please please click that subscribe button it's free thank you the second simple and life-changing habit is to

Tidy and prep for the next day

 in the evenings and this is life-changing because it does several things but let me first tell you what i do to prepare for the next day first of all i always always prepare the coffee machine we have a filtered coffee machine where you can put all the you know coffee and water and set the program so that it starts brewing the next morning at 5 30 so when i wake up the house smells like freshly brewed coffee which is the happiest wake up ever for me so that's one of the things that i absolutely do every single evening to prepare for the next morning the second thing i do for preparing for the next day is picking my outfit and yes you might say like we're home what do you mean i have always been home right i'm working from home and what i figured is when i don't get ready when i don't get dressed i don't get stuff done and to change your life to go to a better place in your life you gotta get stuff done right so it is for me a massive massive thing to get ready every morning to put in a nice outfit even if i'm not filming so i like to pick my clothes the night before including the earrings and all of that stuff and why i do that the night before is i'm not that great with decision making in the morning i'm not a morning person even though i wake up really early i don't enjoy that in the morning so if i do it the night before i'm happier in the morning the less i need to think about the less i need to do in the morning the better so definitely choosing my outfit and preparing everything for the next day is a must for me
and the third thing that i do every evening to feel better for the next day is to tidy around it's like a 10 20 minute thing to put everything back in place and just prepare my environment my office the living room kitchen most importantly just to have everything in place and when i wake up in the morning i wake up to a tidy good looking organized environment when our environments are not organized and tidy our brains don't function as well as they could be and that's why i like to keep everything clean and tidy at all times but of course when you live and work from home things get a little bit out of control spending 10 to 20 minutes every evening is just the perfect amount of time to keep everything in order you might find other things to do the night before to prepare for the next day and i'm not going to talk more about that let me just tell you why this habit is life changing well first of all like i said you wake up to a nice environment you wake up to freshly brewed coffee or whatever you you like to drink in the mornings and you feel immediately better when we feel good early in the morning that feeling is very likely to linger on throughout the whole day making us happier more productive and in return successful this is like i said this whole channel is about i am all about these little things that i make that i do every day to make my life make my days better and i think waking up in a good mood is just setting the tone for the whole day right and the second thing is that i am ready feeling if i prepare everything the night before when i wake up in the morning i'm like i'm ready to kill this day i'm ready to put my armor on i'm ready to kick ass and i'm ready to do whatever i need to do to reach my goals faster and that that just like feeling ready to you know tackle whatever comes your way is again priming you priming your brain for success so for me this little habit of just like i don't know 20 minutes citing 10 minutes preparing every evening half an hour to make the next day a perfect start this is just a no-brainer and it's so so easy to adapt in your life


the third simple and life-changing habit is reading and i know you're gonna be like oh yeah right that's very innovative so wait i'm not just talking about reading like random reading i'm talking about a very specific type of reading and that is reading immediately after you wake up why because if you're anything like me and if you don't like to be you know go early in the morning like i said i'm i'm an early riser but i'm not necessarily my 100 when i wake up so i like to wake up slowly and easily and just like you know prepare myself and what i figured is when i read the first thing in the morning it creates this whole like i don't know neuronal activity in my brain where i don't do something actively i just put stuff in my brain and it starts you know heating up i know it's like feeding my brain so i like to do it every single morning right after i wake up and also i feel like i have done my reading i have done my self-investment and that is another like come on it's 5 45 and i'm already i'm already doing something very useful um with my time and that that is another great feeling but okay that's the first part of the specific reading the second part of it is reading a business related book whatever your business is maybe you're not a business owner or you're not an entrepreneur like me but probably you have a job or if you're you know if you don't have a job if you have if you're a student then you can read something about your studies if you're not working at all maybe you can read something that will bring some value to your life what i'm saying is reading something related to your daily brain activity is gonna prime you for that activity when it comes in a couple of hours what i like to read is generally you know entrepreneurship books where i get a lot of ideas so by the time i'm finished with my 20 to 30 minute reading every morning i'm like okay i have so many new ideas let's get going let me you know apply this well i'm not applying it because like i said i'm not too responsive but let me write that down in my ideas list let me capture the information and i'm like people are doing amazing stuff so let me just start my day and do amazing stuff myself this is why i read every morning for half an hour a business book an inspiring book and this habit literally changed my brain and when brain changes everything changes

Plan your week

 impactful habit to have is to plan your week and this is not even a daily habit this is a weekly habit so it's even easier to include in your life you sit down every saturday sunday friday whenever you want to sit down and you plan your whole week out and not to a degree where you're like i'm gonna be doing this at this hour not not that you know in detail but generally understanding the major things that you want to accomplish in that week because honestly a day is too short and a month is too long a week is the perfect amount of time to get some really impactful tasks done and that's why i love doing my weekly planning this is the type of planning i never ever skip and it just creates this whole purpose and when you have purpose you're gonna be more successful so it's the life changing habits and i actually made a video last week all about weekly planning so if you want to know how to plan your week effectively then you can go and check this video and thank you so much for watching i'll see you in the next one of course if you're subscribed take care bye

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