12 best tips for motivation

welcome back to my website Positive Attitude today we will talk about motivation and I'm gonna give you my top 15 tips how to find motivation how to push yourself to accomplish things how to find that inner productivity when you're feeling a little lazy when you're feeling a little down and you want to get stuff done

The way you see yourself

my first step is don't try to be something that you're not and instead of that focus on the thing that you are and you are good at try to find that thing that you're really good at start loving it and improving it that will have a huge impact on how you evaluate how you see yourself and if you see yourself in a positive manner you will find inner motivation especially with Instagram and such seeing other people's lives body shapes success whatever it might be I know it is very overwhelming and generally makes people focus on what they don't have and be jealous of what other people have but everybody has problems obviously this has been a topic that people talk about all the time on the internet and I think the only thing that you can do about this as either to stop following people like that or start looking it in a different perspective start looking at yourself in a more positive way instead of
comparing yourself and your life with those people I challenge you all to find five great things about yourself and write them down in your planner your diary or your phone and focus on those five things how you can leverage them

feeling good 

because if you don't feel good you won't be motivated feeling good feeling healthy and happy has a direct impact on motivation and for that what I suggest to do is to start getting up early I have a dedicated video about getting up early you can check that out if you need some new less talked tips but getting up early is such a simple thing to do when you wake up a little bit earlier you know that there are plenty of time ahead of you for that day to accomplish more and it immediately puts your brain in a more productive state

Getting ready

number three is for those of you who are working from home who are not working for students who are not getting up and getting dressed to go to work every day this is also my life I is that when I don't put on clothes when I'm walking around and working in lounge closer pajamas I don't feel as motivated and as productive so I started getting up putting some makeup on putting some nice clothes on even
though if I'm not gonna go anywhere if I even though I'm gonna come here and sit on this desk I still like to put on clothes and I immediately feel better I immediately feel more motivated to get stuff done


number four routines are key to motivation it can be morning routine evening routine Sunday routine Saturday everything you name it routines are so helpful because you don't give your brain time to procrastinate you don't give your brain time to postpone and be lazy you just have a routine that you follow without thinking and my personal tip on that is especially for the morning routine add some step to your routine that you really really love doing it could be drinking your favorite cup of coffee it could be calling your best friend it could be anything that you have pure joy and after you're done with your routine that also has that one step that you love you will feel so much more positive and positivity is the key to motivation


have music around I love to have music on all the time especially when I'm working I'm using Spotify I'm using these playlists that are made specifically for concentration and these are generally songs that don't have lyrics in and they're also stimulating your brain to be more productive and to be clear if that makes sense so if I'm going to work I put on one of those playlists and have it as a background music but music can also motivate you in different times and different tasks for instance if you need to clean your room put on some upbeat music I also have a less called mood up I think that is a little more energetic that is pushing me to work physically to move physically it is great for cleaning around and it's also great for working out now that we talked a little about movement


let's go to tip number 6 it is actually moving so this is a scientific fact that
when you move you create these hormones endorphins that makes you feel better and happier so if you're not doing anything if you're not working out if you're someone who is just going to work or you know working and coming back home and getting on with life without any movement I strongly urge you to involve some kind of moment in your life it could be yoga it could be walking around it could be really anything there are plenty of videos out there you can just find something that works for your lifestyle but spending 10 to 20 minutes depending on how much time you have moving is scientifically going to make you more motivated

Eating clean

 number 7 is again about our bodies and it is food everybody talks about this I also can't emphasize enough how important it is to eat clean I used to eat fast food all the time when I was living in Turkey and by all the time I mean twice a day McDonald's and because of all the vitamins and minerals that I was not putting in my body I was feeling tired all the time and slouchy and lazy and once we started eating a little bit cleaner a little bit more vegetable base or like whole foods base I started feeling so much more energetic and if you have energy you can get stuff done if you don't have time to prepare a clean good dish every day I strongly recommend checking out meal planning I used to do that when I was still going to the lab every day because I didn't have the time now that I work from home I can cook but if you're someone who can't cook daily start planning out your meals for three to four days I'm just put them in
containers and put them in your fridge they will be good and you don't have to think about it so you won't be going out to eat or ordering it


number 8 is about changing things up I am someone who loves change I think maybe a little too much but if you also like change that could help you get motivated I like the change of things I like to change furniture around I like to change what is in the kitchen I like to optimize the house on a regular basis really I like to change things once or twice a month but that could give you that fresh feeling you might need and take you out of the rut that you might be in to find a little bit more motivation to get stuff done I used to have my work area on my vanity and I started to feel the room was really bothering me was like too much if you know what I mean so I moved it here and I felt like I moved to a different place altogether and that feeling of new feeling of change is something that keeps me motivated that's why I wanted to include this here as a tip for you


number 9 is planning I am a huge fan of planners I even have a company where I also produce planners you can go check them out in the description box but planning is key when it comes to motivation because if you plan your day ahead if you plan your day the night before you don't
really have to think about what you're gonna do in the day when you wake up or you're not going to spend time to plan or spend time to procrastinate you just wake up and follow that plan that you just created the night before and that will help you so much more I'm telling you similar to the routines planning your days are so so so important I made a video recently about day planning I'll leave the

link on the screen right now if you're interested in that there's also free principle that will help you plan your days in detail and I think is very useful if you also have very busy days like I do but even if you don't you can use a planner you can use Google Calendar whatever means you like to use start planning also plan not just your days but your goals your months your your years you can make a
bucket list I like to visualize my goals let's say I want to create a new product for my brand what I'd like to do is first I think about the products I design the product for a month or so and then I optimize it I find a producer I take the prototype I test it myself so it is a whole process but if I have that final product in my head if I can visualize it it is so much easier to work towards it on a daily basis so visualize maybe write down your goals on your planner as well and then break it down to daily

actions without the visual goal without the bigger goal itself maybe those daily tasks might seem very insignificant but when you have the goal in mind you will feel that you're working towards it and that will keep you motivated if you're someone who likes to see those things on a daily just I can also suggest using vision boards you can beautifully there are plenty of people who are doing that and I think it's a brilliant idea especially if you put it somewhere where you see it every morning when you wake up


number 10 people people are so important when it comes to motivation like I said you are
the average of the five people that you spend the most time with and if you're surrounding yourself with unmotivated unsuccessful people you are going to be one of them so I'm not telling you to cut out people I mean that is something that we can discuss for sure but what I'm saying is try to hang out with people that are more motivated that are more successful maybe a little bit more hard-working and that will have a huge impact on your personal motivation and work habits

Power Pose

number 11 adapt a power post when you're feeling unmotivated or uninspired I love to use this power poles when you go and open your arms all the way and then feel very very strong and big this actually scientifically again produces hormones that you feel a little bit bigger and successful and better and that is also great for keeping motivated this could be a great trick when you're going into job interviews or
importing meetings I think I heard about this on a TED talk if I can find a link I'll leave it in the description box so you can just go ahead and watch that TED talk which was so inspirational

One thing at a time

number 12 do one thing at a time this is also inspired by a book the one thing if you didn't read it I strongly recommend that you do but it basically tells you to focus on one thing at a time and how for me it affects my motivation is I make the to-do list of the day like I mentioned in my day planning video but then I pick one task that is absolutely crucial for me to accomplish that day and at the end of the day when you accomplish just one little thing you have one win that makes you feel successful and you're satisfied with the day and there is nothing that creates motivation more than satisfaction just one thing find one thing that you have to do that you want to do every day and just do it the next tip is about rewarding yourself I love that especially when I'm doing a bigger task when I'm accomplishing a bigger goal of course accomplishing that goal is already reward enough but if you put something else at the end of the roll for you it might make you a little bit more motivated maybe you can say

when I finish writing this essay I will call my best friend for half an hour when I finish tidying up the kitchen I will make my favorite cup of tea something small that makes you happy start rewarding yourself so you can train your brain into thinking get the work done and you will get a reward in the end and lastly if you're someone who likes to write about this if you like to journal if you like to track your days I think this could be a great thing every night before you go to bed write down five good things that you did during that day it could be helping out someone it could be calling someone that you didn't call in awhile and ask them how they are it could be anything good that you felt good about write them down and you can also write how you felt after doing that thing it doesn't

necessarily have to be a work-related or a goal related thing any good deed that you did that day you can just write it down on a journal I like to keep mine in my planner as well in the diary pages you write that down and when you're feeling unmotivated when you're feeling in a rut go and read that I mean who doesn't like to read the good things they did in the past right so start writing them down it will put you in a great place before bed as well but it is gonna be your resource to go when you're feeling unmotivated so

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