10 Ways To Improve Yourself Self Improvement Tips

decide on your aim decide on your life goals decide on your vision 

is the biggest self investment that you can start doing today hello everyone and welcome back to  about

ten simple ways that you can improve yourself

these are gonna be tips that are quick easy and hopefully not so generic but before I start I want to ask you what is improvement what is personal development to you I think that's a concept that everybody has a different idea about some people think that it is all about a brain and all about investing in your you know brain power and your knowledge some people think that it is improving skills some people think that it can be anything and I am in that group I think personal development can be related to anything superficial or it could be really deep but anything that you do that is improvement to you that is making a better version of yourself is personal development in my opinion before I start I want to give you one example or one way that you can consider that you can think of personal development

for you I would like you to write down the life areas that are important to you and I want you to determine one simple goal for all of these areas separate from each other before you invest any further in your personal development we talked about goal-setting before if you need help in that department you can go and watch this video and come back to this later or you can watch this video and then after this video you can set your goals in those different life areas if you're new here by the way this is all I talk about on this channel this is all about successful living and improving yourself one video one concept one thing at a time so if that's interesting to you then please feel free to join the family number one way that you can improve yourself is actually improve your physique actually improve your body and that is all about moving moving your ass anything that you can do about your body anything that you can invest in and make better about your physical being is also

self-improvement or personal development so my first tip to you is to actually invest some time in your body and start moving your butt number two is to create a daily habit of learning and improving yourself this could be so simple actually you don't have to invest thousands of dollars into online courses or you don't have to read thousands of books to be able to do that I made a video about how to watch YouTube to improve yourself and I think that is just perfect for this example if you go and watch youtube videos in your daily life you can choose one video that you can like this one for instance

that you can take into your life and improve your life in at least one area the only thing that you have to do is to be aware of the content that you consume it could be also an IG TV video or any blog post anything that gives you something some kind of value that takes you to a better place in life is personal development and I think if you have a daily habit of five minutes of doing that that will make a huge difference throughout a longer period of time let's say a couple of months like end-of-summer or a year also you can think about having audible for listening to books while you're cleaning or doing your makeup so you can pair that personal development activity with something that you have to do every day by the way as a little announcement

I am going to announce a new thing soon that I think would also improve you yourself in your life every single day that is gonna be a new product that I'm gonna be talking about and sharing with you soon so keep tuned for that number three is 10 things I've talked about this before I think 10 things is a concept that I came up with it is basically having a more tangible review of every day before you go to bed what you need to do for that is to have a journal on your bedside table and before you go to bed every night think about 10 things that you could have done better this could be something like phrasing something in a better way or it could be something so superficial like wearing different colors than the clothes that you wore that day that will suit your skin tone better it could be anything but the whole thing about this

10 things concept is to challenge yourself

to come up with 10 things every night I know that is sometimes challenging you might think that you make the right decisions you might struggle with finding 10 things you might find 8 intending you have to find 10 things no matter how small they are no matter how big there you have to find that thing before you go to bed so that you will make better decisions because once you write them down and once you have them in writing in the physical world your mind will remember those things so when a similar situation comes up in the future you'll make better decisions and that's the whole point of 10 things number 4 to improve yourself is to refine your relationships cut out all the relationships from your life that doesn't give anything to you it could be joy that relationships give to you that's fine as well you don't have to learn from everyone in your life but if that relationship doesn't give you anything and especially if it's taking something from you if it's a negative relationship then refine all of those relationships take people cut people off or you know reduce the time that you spend with those people that's also self-improvement

because you're improving your relationships which is crucial because we are human beings and we interact with each other no matter how much you think that you're an introvert it is essential it is a daily part of life and you can actually improve that part which will impact other parts of your life in the end number five is to actually get a hobby like that that is so important I as a Turkish person I have to tell you that while living in Europe and in the UK I noticed that everybody has a hobby and everybody has a serious hobby and that is improving life quality so much I made a video about how to find your hobby I'm gonna leave it in the description box below if you want to go and watch that one before you decide on your hobby but that is also investing in yourself that is also personal development and it will probably give you some skills as well as a new way of thinking a new way of living because you're gonna learn something new in your life number six is to actually learn a new skill this new skill could be something regarding your job this could be something that you do every day this could be a new language this could be painting there I don't know doors that was weird but you know what I'm talking about learning a new skill is also self-improvement it's also something that you invest in yourself and I think it's so nice to learn something new to change how you think again and to feel like you're capable of more in the end and that's all gonna contribute to your self-confidence which is very important when it comes to your own opinion about yourself which in return will make you want to invest in yourself more and increase the time that you spend on personal development number seven is actually be very aware of how you use your time how you choose to

use your time I talked about this so much on this channel I'm not gonna go into detail about this but basically how you choose to use your time tells a lot about how you live tells a lot about how you do things if you're a procrastinator or if you're someone who is productive and efficient so basically learning time management is the biggest self investment that you can start doing today number eight is to start life planning decide on your vision decide on your goals decide on everything that you want to accomplish in this life so that you can live more aware again about your daily activities that is I think one of the biggest things when it comes to personal development if you're living without aim without goals and if you're trying to improve yourself you're not you're not really aware of where you're going so all of that improvement all of that you know all of those listening to nice books or

watching TED Talks is basically pointless I'm not saying that they're not going to be useful in the end but I'm saying that they don't serve a goal or serve an aim so decide on your aim decide on your life goals decide on your vision as a part of your personal development journey number nine is to work on your weaknesses again this could be anything any weakness that you think is open for improvement work on those things particularly rather than again watching random Ted videos or reading random motivational books if you know that you have a weakness about a certain area invest your time in that thing buy books about that particular thing this could also be a goal of yours to

actually not have that weakness next year for instance then you can take actions and that is one of the very tangible personal development things that you can do for yourself and for your life and number time is to actually go and join a mastermind group or get a mentor or get a coach when you have someone to look up to when you have someone to talk to when you have someone to ask ideas or run ideas by that is already the biggest contribution that you can make to your personal development if you join a mastermind group and you would like minded people who are also striving to be better versions of themselves that is the best thing that you can do for yourself plus there's a nice part of being a social person as a height bonus so those are ten ways that you can improve yourself if you want to watch there's another video recommendation that I can give to you that is all about how to make better decisions every day so you can have the best day basically every single day which I'm gonna leave

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