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Ten e things must to do before that you are upgrading to Windows

Ten e things must to do before

 that you are upgrading to Windows 10

Do not do not upgrade to Windows 10 so far? Here are ten things you must to do before that you are upgrading

It must be longer your computer to upgrade to Windows 10 to enjoy the experience of a unique and easy .
 If you think the upgrade to Windows 10 , then of course Microsoft will be grateful . But we wish to be you grateful you are the other in this transition . I've spent Microsoft a year full trying to convince users to move to Windows 10 newest products . And in a report issued by the company recently that the preparation of users of this The system 's new arrived to the 300 million user around the world , where aspiring company to reach a billion people using this system by the middle of the year 2018 so that did not reach the company to this figure would have a lot of users by this time .

But the question here is what is required to achieve this transition ? The obstacles that the possible that I face during the upgrade? The answer to this question difficult little to the different computer every person from the other . But that followed our list consisting of ten points , we will ensure that you move easy and smooth to the version last of Windows " Windows 10". Here 's a glimpse fast on these points before to go into them in detail the exact , you 'll see that some of these points are to be found on some of the pages of the site Microsoft to find out more about the upgrade , log on the site the company to lose if the computer profile supports the transition or not , know any One of your products installed on the old version will work well for you after the upgrade . Since the best plans of possible to withstand obstacles too , but make sure you this plan that we set you that you will enjoy the transition easy and simple and without obstacles .
1 - Are you supposed to try my version of the modern first before that I do upgrade in full?

This decision must be calculated by your mind well before that done this step , Do you really want that you upgrade now ? Or do you want to try Windows 10 first? How will you know if you prefer to upgrade or not if you do not use it first?

We we have created you a solution where you can prove to your computer version of the trial for 90 days which contains the all features in version official , to decide after that if you want to actually switch to version new of Windows , or remain on the version of the old .

These solutions are to install a copy of Windows on a computer extra to try it first , or if you have not been online for your computer an extra can that you install a copy extra on the same computer to the choice between your system the old version experimental when running the computer , either the solution last it is for specialists more where you can You download the trial version on the virtual computer program . VMWare" Or program your company Oracle " VirtualBox

  But of course , if you have to try it in the place of another and you want to actually do this upgrade please proceed to the point following .
2 - If you read this article before the end the month of July you should make sure that you are upgrading before the 29 of this month .

Since the company Microsoft launch a copy of Windows 10 to the market on 29 July 2015 and is the upgrade free to Windows 10 users of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. But unfortunately , announced the company it will stop service upgrade free after a year full which is 29 July 2016 and announced also that after those term cost version professional 199 dollars either version home will cost 119 dollars , to check if it was not too late time that you are upgrading by this time .

  3 - Test your device to learn the extent of its compatibility with this update from the company Microsoft?

Company Microsoft has provided you a tool to test your computer before doing upgrade so not surprised that your device is not compatible with this update , or most of it after doing update see your software own does not work well with him . Where this program helps you to test your device and see its compatibility with this upgrade in terms of the internal components of your computer or the programs currently installed on it .

And you'll see the icon for upgrading on the surface of the desktop you can that you open and you are upgrading on the spot , but do not recommend that you do , where you will find choose another tells you to test the computer now to find out the extent of compatibility between the upgrade , components , programs , and whichever needs to change . Clicking on this selection will program a series of tests and will show you after this screen is split into two halves half left tells you about Mkunatk internal and which is compatible and whichever needs change and half right of the screen tells you about the programs installed for you and which will not be compatible with the update . If you decide that you are upgrading must be the change components and software that you need to comply with this version of Windows .

  4 - Then read the characteristics of Windows 10

Page properties will give you an overview on what exists in the version of the new of Windows , where you will find the requirements of operating for Windows , and notes the important and also requirements additional to run features specific and details of any copies that you will get them when you do update . This page worth reading until you get a look at general on what you'll find in the update so not surprised any obstacle during the transition to version new . As you will find also on the same page link tells you some features that will not find yet now in Windows 10 , such as the center of media multi - which was present in the version of the former will not exist in this version and features another must to learn about also before moving
 5 - Read the Windows 10 FAQ
page This page responds to many of the questions that come to you during the transition , such as how to update from Windows 8.1 or 7, or how to update if the storage space I have is not enough , and how to return to your old version if you do not like to work With this version , and how the reminder feature stops updating permanently . Even if you are completely sure about the upgrade, you should read this page because it can tell you obstacles that you did not take into account.

 6 - Download to download files definitions for Buendoz 10

Of course , Windows 10 will recognize the all components and is defined to function well after the update , but in after often fails Windows to recognize on some of the components so must to be ready in this case , by definition the installer already so does not stop component for work or one of its features .
Went to the site the company produced for your computer profile , and download Aldraevrat for Windows 10 special device
The best way to do this is to go to the site the company produced for your PC personal orientation to the page support you will find that there is a section of special tariffs for each version of Windows went to the version for Buendoz 10 , and download the definitions of the components of all and after that keep them in the store external . But if you collect the computer profile yourself from the components of different you'll need to you to go to a page company manufacturer for each component of the Alone and load profile private him . It will help this step install definition manually if it fails Windows identifies the component automatically or component failure in operation after this definition of your Baloyndoz .

7 - Download work copy backup files to the computer , or at least your files personal .

Windows 10 is not the delete files old when you update him , but the recommended that you are doing a backup of all your files or important ones at least even if it was any thing is wrong or did not see the files after the update for any reason of the reasons then you can that you are retrieving your files with all the ease . There is a property enables you to that you are doing a backup of all your files in Windows 8.1 and 7 , and then go to the area panel control and then choose the icon copy backup and follow the steps .
8 - know any copies you will get it from Windows 10 after the update .

Windows 10 contains the two copies only on the reverse versions earlier it contains a version for the home version professional . It is the name your every copy of the version of home contains the features of the basic that it needs any user of the uses of the normal either version professional all well features more help if you use your copy in your business or communication networks work . So you should know which copies you prefer and need .

You will not be your choice if you are updating from copying the previous , where if you are using copies for use of home in versions earlier will lift to version home also in Windows 10 either if you are using copies professional Vbatba will get upgraded to version professional .

9 - Download the processing list Start before doing the update to Windows 10

If they list Start you have an organization it has come time organized now , before doing the update to Windows 10, where you will not see have incurred a magical after update but it 'll find the same mess , but the system again does not know about a lot so far to find Muradk easily .
10 - Then work your copy own from Windows 10 on a unit storage external

Instead of doing updates your computer profile to Windows 10 for via download from through the Internet by the icon that exist on the surface of the office there is the selection can be from the work of a copy of Windows on the console storage external . You can use this version to install on multiple devices computers and other instead of waiting to be downloaded to each computer , especially if it was this computer is connected to the Internet . You can now do this step , where it so far upgrade to Windows 10 free but then it will have to buy this version amount of money . Also there is the selection you can from download this version on the storage of the type USB Or you can carry on a cylinder of the type DVD.

 The end

These ten points will enable you to avoid any obstacle will face when moving to Windows 10. But why can not you like this version ( the possibility of a long but ) you will be able to go back to your copy of the former with all the ease of by heading to Settings and then copy the backup and then choose to return to the version of the previous , and we must warn that this must be to be in a period of a month of use . But keep in mind that the update after that will not be free .