Ads will soon start running on WhatsApp

Ads will soon start running on Whats App

Whats App contained a lot of great features for its users last year. Back in 2020, Facebook's messaging system made it a new feature for all WhatsApp users. The main advantage,
 For WhatsApp this year is to add "status announcements". This feature has been discussed by the company before. Yes, I have heard well, so ads inside cases will appear on WhatsApp. It is similar to the case announcements similar to Instagram.

WhatsApp will be announcing the status soon, here’s how it works

Soon, all WhatsApp users will see ads on their status. This feature was revealed by the company Facebook Marketing Summit (FMC) 2019 itself in the Netherlands. At that time, the company said, users will see the advertiser's name on the ads that will be shown on the status.

The user will not be able to see the advertiser's profile picture. The ads will work on the status of WhatsApp, such as Instagram. We all use Instagram, so you are aware of the ads that are displayed while placing stories on Instagram.

However, WhatsApp did not reveal the official date of when the feature was launched. Since the company is already working on the "ads" feature, we can say that the official launch will be soon. This status ads feature will be available for both Android and Apple.

Now, check out how Status Ads feature works on device.

How will the status ads feature work on Whats App?

Currently, the status on WhatsApp shows photos, videos, texts and other files that are uploaded by users. However, the new status announcement feature will work in a similar way. Status ads are said to be shown on Whats App to users according to their interest and behavior.

Ads will appear in WhatsApp status and will be seen by users. Ads will only display the advertiser's name due to the ad. If you like the ad and want to see it, swipe the screen up, just as you would on Instagram.

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