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5 stages of the appearance of Corona .. How did it start? Where did the mysterious virus China reach ?

5 stages of the appearance of Corona

How did it start? Where did the mysterious virus China reach?

The Corona virus invaded the Chinese city of Wuhan and began spreading in 12 other countries in varying proportions, which caused the world to panic about that animal-origin virus, as it is transmitted from certain species of animals to humans and then the infection is transmitted from person to person through breathing, affecting the upper respiratory tract, Its symptoms are similar to the influenza virus.

In the next report, "Concerto" reviews the stages of the evolution of the Corona virus from its inception to the new era that appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The stages of corona virus development
Corona virus was not the only group of viruses that are transmitted through animals, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that it dates back to an ancient era and went through a number of different stages to reach that evolving and different form that appeared since last December in China.

The first type

The first type of corona virus began to appear in the mid-nineties, and was spread among specific animal species and was limited to this without being transmitted to humans, but the World Health Organization predicts the development of the disease without moving a static.

The second type

At the beginning of the second millennium, two similar types of Corona virus emerged, originating in China, as Hong Kong recorded the first case of the virus, which quickly spread and eliminated the love of many people who were not well documented in the meantime due to incomplete information about the virus and the ability to track it In addition, there are no vaccines that can eliminate the virus, and it was treated like any virus that targets the respiratory system.

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The third type

Hong Kong was also the source of the third type of virus, the most ferocious and sophisticated known as "SARS", which killed about 1000 people and moved outside the borders of China to some European countries that also recorded many cases of death and death, the seriousness of SARS that he was afflicting the upper respiratory tract, And it causes chronic problems even after survival.

In 2003, the Italian doctor Carlo Urbani discovered the virus, which he identified with severe acute respiratory syndrome, which belongs to the Coruna family, the animal-born virus, and then died from infection with it.

The fourth type

The new corona, the fourth most advanced type of SARS that appeared in Saudi Arabia in 2012, appears in a new, more severe, developing bottom patch known as the Corona virus that causes Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome, as its symptoms are characterized by speed and succession, which begins as the symptoms of regular influenza such as coughing, sneezing and high Body temperature, tremors and general body aches, that type did not prevail compared to the previous one, but deaths were greater, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced their concern about the rapid development of the virus and the spread in a different place threatening to spread around the world.

Fifth type

The new China virus, was identified after the first case of infection was recorded and after examining the patient, it was found in his genetic sequence that he belonged to the new corona, and the species that belonged to him was identified and found that it is associated with coronavirus and coronaviruses, but it differs from them in the sequence of symptoms and has not been found After the seriousness of the disease, but the Centers for Disease Control announced that the matter is being studied and cases of infection are still on the rise amid global concern about the expansion of the spreading circle.