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10 shortcuts that will make your YouTube life easier

10 shortcuts that will make your YouTube life easier

Are you a fan of YouTube? Do you watch all your TV series, videos, or even your favorite songs?

Make your YouTube experience a wonderful experience, or at least the high efficiency that makes you do whatever you want with the press of a button from the keyboard.

1- Tab button
This button puts you in control of the video window where you can move between stop and play buttons, increase speed, etc. Only if you do not prefer to use the mouse, this button will replace you with it.

2- Turning on and off
You can play or pause the video by pressing the space bar on the keyboard, but you must choose the video window first for this method to work. If you want to start or stop whatever the selection is on the page you can press the K button

3- Go forward or backward in the video for 10 seconds
J and L on either side of the K button to advance and delay ... the L button forwards 10 seconds forward and J button turns back 10 seconds.

4- Going forward or backward is only 5 seconds
If you want to advance or return only 5 seconds in the video, you can use the arrow buttons, right to the front and left to the back

5- Go to a specific point in the video
If you want to move to a specific part of the video, the number buttons divide the timing of the video into ten parts, where one number transports you 10 percent of total time, number 9 transports you 90 percent of total time and the fifth number puts you in the middle of the video completely.

6- Replay the video from the beginning
Press the 0 button to replay the video from the beginning. You can also use the home button

7- Slow photography feature
When the video is paused, you can press the point button to go one scene forward with each click, and you can go back one scene also by pressing the comma button.

8- Voice control
The up and down arrow buttons control the volume, as it raises the volume, the up arrow and the volume decrease, the down arrow. Also, if you want to mute the volume, you can press the M button.

9 - Full screen
Press the F button to watch the video in full screen, or press the Esc button to return to the small screen.

10- Translation
Some videos come with a translation into several languages ​​in YouTube videos where you can press C to show or hide the translation, and the positive and negative buttons control the font size