Who are the pharaohs? Where did they come from ?

Who are the pharaohs? Where did they come from ?

Pharaohs is a nickname given to those who ruled ancient Egypt

and it is a nickname given to them like other kings of the world in the past

such as naming the kings of Persia Buxra, and the kings of Abyssinia in Negashi

The crown of the two countries, one of them is a red crown symbolizing the north

and the other is a white crown symbolizing the south, united in a crown called the crown of the two countries to signify power and rule over the south and north countries

so the king ruled Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt

The origin of the pharaohs 

The accounts differed on the origin of the Pharaohs, and they were the subject of controversy and difference for many throughout the ages until the present time

but the most correct opinion is that the origin of the Pharaohs was Ham from our master Noah, peace be upon him. When the flood ended and the earth sank, the sons of Noah, peace be upon him, separated, and Ham and his children went to Africa and lived In them, then from there each of them separated from the other and formed different civilizations, and these civilizations were considered the closest civilizations to the Pharaohs

   ? What was the Pharaohs famous for

The Pharaohs were famous for believing the last day and the resurrection, so they took a great interest in the post-death stage

and they were performing the embalming process for their elders and their leaders, as the embalming works to keep the bodies as they are without decomposing, so they were distinguished by this great knowledge in their time, which surprised the current scholars. 

They were also famous for writing on papyrus, and they liked literature from which we received little, and their language was hieroglyphics, which enabled the French scientist Champollion to decipher her secrets, reveal her secrets and reach some of the literary works of the Pharaohs, and he used this in a rational stone 

Attacks on the Pharaohs 

The Pharaohs faced many external attacks as a result of the greed of other civilizations, as they faced wars against the Assyrians, Nubians, Babylonians, Greeks, Libyans and others, and in 332 BC, Alexander the Macedonian managed to control Egypt

and expelled the Persians from it 

because it was under their control, and in 31 May BC The last rulers of Egypt fell Cleopatra at the hands of the Romans, as Egypt became one of the provinces of the Roman Empire.

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