Unforgettable inventions Part No : 1

Unforgettable inventions

Part No : 1

A series of inventions changed the world
And a group of inventors
Help people. To live a better life
We will know who they are. And their inventions.
Within a series of topics on our website
We will know (the invention - the inventor - the year of the invention).
Now with the first part
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Part No : 1

Inventor of the pendulum time is Christian Heugns in 1657 AD
Inventor of the machine sewing is Barthélemy Timoney in 1829 AD
The inventor of the automatic sewing machine Singer 1848
The inventor of the machine grubbing roller is Isin Howard in 1912 AD
The inventor of medical eyeglasses is Roger Bacon in 1268 AD
The inventor of the engine that works with oil is Miszewrad Marcus
The inventor of the microphone is Charles Hoyston
Inventor of the alarm clock is Antoine Aadier in 1847 AD
The inventor of the machine imaging color is Gabriel Lehman in 1891 AD
The inventor of the electric iron Sealy in 1882 AD
Inventor of the telescope Wireless Grote Reber 1942 m
Inventor of the electric telegraph Charles and Teston
Camera inventor George Eastman in 1888 AD
Inventor of the Thunderbolt Rod Franklin
The inventor of the pocket watch Hill 1500 m
Inventor of the computer Howard Aiken 1944 m
The inventor of the radio Nikola Tesla 1893 AD
The inventor of the phone Alexander Graham Bell 1867 AD
Inventor of the steam locomotive Trevitec 1803 m
Inventor of the Automatic Loom Edmond Cartwright1785 CE
The inventor of the astronomical telescope is Galileo Galilei in 1609 AD
The inventor of the matchbox John Walker1827 AD
Inventor of the Cotton Spinning Machine Arkwright
Inventor of the space rocket Sergey Korliov
Inventor of the magnet electric Sturgeon 1825
The inventor of the compass Marbury 1911
The inventor of the air conditioning Carrier 1911
Inventor of the pen lead Conte 1792
The inventor of the gun Moors
Inventor of the machine imaging solar Daguerre 1839
Inventor of the Fahrenheit Scale Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit 1709
Inventor of the method of freezing food Birdie
The inventor of liquid helium Hick Owens 1908
The inventor of the clock Bondi 1885
The inventor of an injection under the skin Wood 1835
Inventor of the silk industry Hardont 1884
Inventor of the atom John Dalton 1808
Inventor of the brush teeth West 1938
The inventor of the electric heater Large 1923
The inventor of the electric mixer Hamilton 1901
Inventor of the video camera Mazuriken 1923
Inventor of the machine imaging documents Bdler 1903
Inventor of the electric dynamo Faraday 1831
The inventor of the device diving under water Ziba 1818
Inventor of the atomic bomb Oppenheimer 1945
The inventor of the radar is Watson Watt 1935 AD
Inventor of the Gramophone Addison1877 CE
Inventor of the roller Aquarius Archytas
Inventor of the car Carl Benz 1886 AD
The inventor of the wrist watch Louis Cartier 1904 AD
Inventor of the machine law Farabi
The inventor of the saxophone Adolf Sachs 1846 AD
Inventor of the Documentary Imaging System Jules Maret1888
Inventor of the pen dry Peru 1938 m
The inventor of the radio Joe Gelelmo Marconi 1894 AD
Inventor of the generator voltage Faraday 1831
Inventor of the Aquinoscope Addison
Inventor of the diesel engine Rudolf Diesel 1898 m
The inventor of the printing press Janbaraj 1445 AD
Inventor of the industrial lung Drenker 1929
Inventor of television Byrd 1926 m
Inventor of the steam machine James Watt 1765
Inventor of the accordion Damien 1829
Inventor of the Paper Industry Machine Louis Robert 1799
Inventor of the thermometer Galileo Galilei
Inventor of the boat Bukhari Robert Fatun
Inventor of the wireless telegraph Claude is young
Inventor of the microscope flour Segmonde
The inventor of the thermometer divided into 80 degrees Ayomore
Inventor of the tire inflated car Dunlop 1888 m
The inventor of the electric motor Faraday
Inventor of the escalator Howells
Carbon Paper Inventor Wade Gord 1906
The inventor of the nylon Karroders 1938
Laser Inventor Chainsur Mayman 1960
The inventor of the plane : the Wright brothers 1903 AD
Inventor of the satellite Capitza 1957
Inventor of the regular microscope Livnhoek 1683
Inventor of the car engine Otto
Inventor of the nuclear reactor Fermi
The inventor of the helicopter Sikorsky 1909
Inventor of the submachine gun Maxim 1883
Inventor of the jet engine Whittle 1935
Inventor of the refrigerator Carre 1858
The inventor of the washing machine Hamilton Smith 1858
Inventor of the hydrogen bomb Oppenheimer 1952
The inventor of liquid oxygen Kaite 1877
The inventor of the Richter Seismograph Richter 1935
Inventor of the measure of the intensity of the wind Robinson 1846
Inventor of the barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure Torschelli 1643

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