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The full story of Nokia from its inception until now

The full story of Nokia from its inception until now

Who among us has not heard of the largest European companies in the field of telephone industry Smart accessories in Europe and the world at a long time more than 
Nearly twenty years of total control of the smart phone market It made this Finnish giant sit on the throne of that beloved industry

In the field of accelerating the huge technological developmentsthe wheel of competition raged between major technical companies specialized in the manufacture of smart phonesespecially in the United States of America  

This at the beginning of the new millennium is a major center for the technology industry represented in the Silicon Valley, from which the change in the world of phones and smart devices was launched.  

After the launch of Android and systems ios Those systems that overthrew the Finnish giant's control of the smart device market worldwide 

Systems made " Alsimbian " which was used by Nokia in a narrow box does not use oneafter entering the world of open systems that rely on the Linux kernel, which gives the user space and freedom in the device and control applications 
The opposite of that found in Symbian systems that were really closed systems and did not have any attractiveness or specifications competing with modern American systems such as Apple systems and modern Google at the time

Nokia : a giant Finnish company specialized in the field of technology of all kindsIts main actual products are smart phones, which is specifically located in the Finnish city of Espoo.   
The company provides other services such as the Internetapplication and software industry, digital media content delivery, and messaging services  
It provides other services that excel in it, such as the free maps and navigation that the major international companies depend on in this field and consider them an important reference in this field.   

The company has approximately 100 thousand employees in almost worldwide and provides services in more than  150 Almost a country has annual revenues of approximately $ 30 billion  
Previously it was the largest technology company making smartphones, but the game changed after the spread of Android systems that made the Korean genie “ Samsung ” dominate this industry 
It displaces the Finnish company for a long time that lasted ten years 
Since the integration of the Finnish company with Microsoft until now, other companies have entered the field after Nokia and preceded it in the arrangement, such as Huawei, Apple, Sony, LG and other companies.   .

Historically in detail was the largest manufacturer of smart phones from the year 1998 until the year 2012  
Then the game changed, as we mentioned earlier, after the major developments that occurred after Microsoft's acquisition of the company and the development of smart phone systems provided by Apple and Google.  

Company history

The Finnish company was formed before it reached its current form as a major technology company through beginnings
Modest, as it started as a company for the rubber and cable industries in the name of the cable and rubber company
Finnish Limited and co-founded by : Friedrich Edstamm and Liu Michelin, these are considered
The two people are the actual founder of this giant company which later became the largest company

Technology in the world in a period of time, despite its beginnings, which was quite far from the technical field

Which it opened in 1865 and has specialized in the field of grinding the core of the trees in the town " Tampere”

Then the " Frederick Adstam " building a second mill pulp trees in the town 15 km from
The town of Tampere, where the main branch of his company is specialized in tree grinding
The name of that town was " Nokia ", which became the starting point and name for the company after the cooperation of Friedrich Edstamm

With his close friend " Liu Michelin " to launch the company from the town of Nokia to carry the name Nokia that name

Which became a major icon in the world and was the start in the year 1870 in the cable industry

After a 20 - yearold tried , " Liu Michelin " to persuade Frederick to enter the field of electricity but
His friend refused and after 4 years of rejection, Frederick retired and left the company entirely

For his friend, " Liu Michelin " who in 1904 persuaded investors in the big company
At that time, the cable and rubber industries entered the field of electricity strongly, which gained

The approval of the investors in the company and the company entered strongly in that field
The beginning of the company’s strong start in the electricity field with the beginning of the year 1906 to become
Among the company's commercial activities at the time

The cable industry revolution

In 1912, a person named " Arvid Wextrum " founded the telephone and telegram cable industry
At Nokia, which has been most interested in rubber, cable and connectivity industries
Regular electricity, but " Arvid Wikstrom " is the area of the company and its industry strongly large
By transferring the company's industries to the cable and telegram division, which became later

A basic building block for the famous company division which used to be called “ Nokia Cable and Electronics Division”
That made the company separate from the division of the Finnish Rubber Company after its strength and became bearing
The Nokia name is separate from the Finnish Cable and Rubber Co., Ltd.

World War I and Nokia bankruptcy

After World War I ended and ended, with the devastation it left in the warring states
The battle raged between them, Nokia was affected and went bankrupt and almost would not have collapsed
The Finnish rubber and cable company, which previously separated from it, entered after the department opened
Electronics and cable and electricity, the deal was purely material
The Finnish Rubber Company's first objective was to benefit from Nokia's experience
In operating its electricity, the company's workflow is in the rubber sector only
There are no plans to take advantage of the company, but the predestination is to be
Nokia's return through this deal that restored hope for the company that was
It bears the name Nokia Cable and Electronics, whose role was under the umbrella of the company
Finnish Cable and Rubber Limited is the company's only electricity operating!

Real launch

In the year 1967 AD, after a continuation of teamwork between these companies
The three Finnish companies, each operating under its leadership
Finnish Cable and Rubber Co., Ltd., the leaders of these three companies have considered merging

Under a unified entity that bears the name " Nokia ", that conglomerate that gave birth to a giant technology company

Her role was not only limited to technology, but also made shoes, tires and clothes
Bicycles, cable TV, telephones, telegrams, electrical connectors and equipment
Military, plastic, aluminum and chemical accessories, it was a very giant diversified company

It completely dominated the European market in these products in the 1960s
The period from 1967 to 2000 was considered a golden period for the company that was
Its beginning in the establishment of the company's huge technology division which was the conductor of its industries

Pulse sensors are used in nuclear power plants, which are installed
Later on, he made the first telecommunications division, which contributed greatly to the phone industry

In its current form, Europe knew the connections through this company that contributed
With its techniques and expertise in reviving this field, which was in the sixties and seventies
New to the whole world, not just Europe, which was suffering from political problems
And warfare at the time required new communication techniques that preceded its enemies at the time
Nokia was the first to introduce these technologies to countries, especially Finland
The mother country of the company that will then dominate the telecommunications technology industry

And phones all over the world, not only in Europe alone

Invention and development of second generation networks
The information that some people do not know is that the Finnish company was credited with inventing and developing networks
The second generation used by all the companies of the world which was called GSM They are called techniques
The second generation of communications that contribute to the improvement of voice communication where standards have been adopted
European industry in this new technology that other companies contributed to the development of a company
Nokia, which had a great role in the invention of these technologies thanks to its expertise in this field
Nokia has delivered these technologies to several Finnish telecom companies that have adopted these
Technologies starting in 1992, the same year that Nokia launched its phones
In it where the Finns then used company chips Radiolinja Finnish on phones
The new Nokia was introduced to the Finnish market and subsequently spread all over the world

Monitors and computers

Nokia has competed with several international companies and launched or its computers in 1981
It was a great success and that year is the same year that a company was launched IBM Her new computer

Back then, despite its success in manufacturing and designing computers, Nokia sold a department

The computer industries of a British company later became one of the most important departments of the computer industry for a company
Fujitsu is famous for the computer industry, while for the monitor industry, the company is based

Finnish manufactures many high-tech displays that depend on certain qualities
For use with computers and desktop computers, and has manufactured many devices
Digital receivers " receivers " but canceled their industry after entering the field of modems
Years later, Nokia returned to the computer industry through its device, which it launched in 2009

It was called " Nokia Bocalt 3D " and it was very popular thanks to the quality of the industry
The strongest that we have always been fascinated by, the Finnish giant which has entered all fields

It later settled on the smartphone industry, dominating it for many years thereafter

Nokia - Siemens Alliance

In 2006, a big alliance took place between the Finnish company Nokia and Siemens Germany
Nokia owns the largest share of it by more than 53 percent and the rest was for the German company

It is a company specialized in the fields of networks and communications and is considered the third largest specialized company

This area is after Ericsson and Huawei, where in 2013 Nokia acquired
The company has a full stake in Siemens and the company now owns the company, as it is based
In Finnish Espoo, it is still standing until now with giant projects in the field of telecommunications networks

And its technologies as it works to provide companies with wired and wireless services in its headquarters in addition

To provide service platforms for networks at corporate headquarters as per their requests, and the company has a reputation
Large worldwide, and among the most prominent companies that rely on Nokia technologies in the field

Networking and Communication Technologies is the American company Apple, which recently announced a partnership

With the Finnish company to provide it with services and support for the company's networks and provide it with platforms

SOA to do its full job

Symbian system start and end

There is no doubt that all smart phone users all over the world have used Nokia phones
Symbian operating system, which is an operating system used by the Finnish company Nokia

After that, a partnership was established between the system owner Symbian and the Finnish company, which led

To create a nonprofit company called System, the system has gained great popularity throughout

The world, Nokia and Symbian have benefited from the spread of the system, which was initially closed source

However, during the year 2010, after the Finnish company acquired approximately 46 percent of sales

Smartphones in the world, made the system open source, after the emergence of modern systems such as

The Android system that was a strong competitor and is characterized by its open source system that made the company

Finnish renounces its strong protection of the system and is in the process of opening up the system source to take advantage of
Some of its properties are hidden from users, even if the Finnish company continues to plan
To fully open the source of the system, the company benefited but dispensed the system in a move

Surprising in the year 2012 despite its acquisition of a huge percentage of sales for smartphones
After Microsoft entered into a deal to buy the Finnish company, and before the completion of the deal, a company made
Nokia ended its partnership with Symbian and the system collapsed completely and ceased to exist and no longer any users

After Nokia abandoned it because of its deal with Microsoft that was fatal to the Finnish company

Maemo - Migo

Up to this point, Nokia fans and lovers are still shocked by the abandonment of the Finnish company

Her experience with the open source systems she adopted would have changed the course of competition if it had continued
In its support, the company was beginning to enter open source systems through the “ Maemo system. ”

An open source that falls under the Debian family and is the main kernel of open source Linux
It launched only one phone that works with this system, which is the Nokia phone N900  Who was a giant

Already in its industry and its features, the system is appropriate for it, and many experts have spoken in the field of systems
The operation of this giant device, who confirmed the success of Nokia if it continued to support this system

Which was the basic nucleus of the MIGO system, which the Finnish company adopted with the famous Intel Corporation

By launching a phone called Nokia N9 He was also a timeless icon in the smartphone industry
In which Nokia excels, the system was robust, smooth, and scalable, but a fatal surprise

The Finnish company was giving up on developing and supporting the system, and the strange thing is that despite the abandonment

Nokia announced its support, but other companies have stolen some system specifications from a device

N9 Among those companies are Apple and Google, and other companies that have become dependent on phones

It does not have a main menu button and this is what Nokia preceded everyone through the cloud feature

Or the slides that the phone depends on because it does not have any button for the main menu, so you lose it

Nokia had two systems that would change the course of competition in the smartphone market that fell in it

Because of its alliance with Microsoft, which also failed to promote its new system, which
It is named Windows Phone and Windows Mobile, despite its reliance on Nokia's industry experiences
Smartphones, which prompted the Finnish company to return again to the market through
Another company has a company name HMD Which some confirmed that it is Nokia, but under my name

Another, but it owns the Nokia brand, which does not matter to the users with the ability to return Nokia
Once again to compete for the smart phone market through the Android system

Stephen's asshole

Many people may agree with me in naming the former Nokia CEO , Stephen Elop”
With " Stephen the Asshole, " he was really like that with his declarations, his actions and his actions that were eliminated
The Nokia entity, the giant that used to dominate the smart phone industry, even made
The company is on a platter of gold for Microsoft, in alliance with Stephen the other, and intended
Here " Stephen Palmer , " Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporationwho succeeded in acquiring
Nokia 's expertise in the field of smart phones thanks to the folly of " Stephen Ailub " , which has been classified by many
From the global media as the worst CEO in history, for his contribution to the company's collapse
Actually, it lost the top to other companies that do not have the strength in the smart phone industry
There is no doubt that the " Stephen Elop " statement regarding the Android system, which was eating green
And dry land and spreading wildfire was provocative and stupid at the same time
The CEO, despite his folly and the collapse of the company he leads, has become a mockery of the regime
Android is similar to the companies that use it with stupidity

 It was an exaggerated irony. Indeed, it was then that
The Finnish company is already collapsing because of the stupidity of “ Stephen Elop ” who gambled on billions
Microsoft to revive the company, and that which did not happen, the American company
It was also a failure and its operating system did not succeed, which made the director of Google

He strongly mocks the Nokia and Microsoft alliance

There is no doubt that the " Vic Jondutra " was honest
As he said, the Microsoft and Nokia partnership failed, and Nokia again produced its phones
With the Android system, and even the " asshole " by Stephen Elop who mocked the Android system and companies
Which you are using, he has personally promoted Nokia devices XL Which is running Android and which has
Microsoft Corporation, with its production of Nokia brands, these contradictions are undoubtedly eliminated
On the reputation of the Finnish company, which came back under the umbrella of a company HMD Finnish will be dependent

One key to that is the system that its CEO mocked by the New York Times as one

The worst CEOs in history and intended here is Stephen Elop

The return of Nokia
I carried the news of the return of Nokia to the manufacture of smart phones, as mentioned previously through a company HMD Which

Some assert that it is just a name that falls under Nokia, just like Alphabet, which falls under Google

Which some may not know its name had it not been for the company Google, the Finnish giant is back and will be baptized again

As we said previously on the Android system and the raw system may be without any increases or additions, and in

If there are additions to the system it may be like Nokia Maps services only, and it is expected

That the company launches a phone Nokia 9 Soon it will be considered a strong competitor to system-dependent phones

Google for smartphones is very much, and many expect the Finnish company to succeed in its steps

Future because of her experience in this field, which she lost for many years and returned to it strongly again