The first wireless connection in the world

 The first wireless connection in the world

In the year 1896 after a group large of experiments, he succeeded Italian Guglielmo Marconi in sending a signal wireless between two points Tbaadan for some distance more than about two kilometers without using any wires or connections of any material.

 In the year 1899 enables Marconi to invent the first system of communication wireless between Britain and Europe, it has received the impact of this on the first franchise in the field of telecommunications wireless .

After this success, he developed Marcone system, and managed in the year 1901 to send the first signal wireless across the ocean Atlantic, and to inaugurate this stage new of the progress of scientific and technical .

The radio has been invented based on a series of experiments several scientists completed each other to hurt in the end to complete innovation wireless in the end of the day,

The wireless is a means of communication that does not need to modes of wireless gathering is between the parties to contact different,

But it relies depending entirely on the vibrations and waves of electromagnetic.

The one scientists German in the year thousand eight hundred and nine eighty AD named Henry Hertz conducted some experiments and attempts to produce waves electro - magnetic

Has been made in practice making and innovation system works to create waves of electro - magnetic and it all by doing the generation of so - called vacuum electric

Where he was doing industry device based detects all the pulse frequency is like this device to the process of receiving waves and then to convert them by what is called the phenomenon of influence to electricity,

Then it came from after him , particularly after a year and one of a scientist of the Italians who called Auguste Regi process improvement devices Hertz

And he arose to re - manufacture of a detector pulse of a new , and then followed after that , specifically in the year thousand eight hundred and ninety AD inventor of French nationality and called Edouard Branly

Which enables the invention of a device unique is working reagent waves and contain from within its components on the tube glass small and in within two tablets two metal separated with each other the amount of certain of filings powder iron

When you do connect this device plugged in electric operating filings iron to resist entry into force of the current electric

But at the same time become a midwife to connect

And by and as a result of the resulting electromagnetic waves 

After that could stream of traffic from through this device .

 After that in the year thousand eight hundred and five and ninety AD could enable the world of Italian famous Guglielmo Marconi from the use of those waves called electromagnetism

After that the use of this device , which was invented on the hand world of Italian known as Auguste Rigi

And use it as a transmitter

He also used the device that acts as a wave detector as a receiver .

It has been the Marcone to do so after that he supplied a transmitter which has an antenna is to work on the transfer of signals and waves and vibrations distances long and far.

Has won the world and innovative Guglielmo Marconi to award the Nobel in the year thousand nine hundred and nine AD for the invention of the other famous radio as well, which is called the name of the radio

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