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The first website in the world

The first website in the world

Who knows the first website launched in the history of the Internet?

There is no doubt that very few people around the world know this site.

Today, the world celebrates the 30th anniversary of the launch of the first website in the world launched by a British computer scientist named "Tim Berners-Lee" in 1990,

He was working at the time at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and the site is still present to this day.

'' is the world's first website, and scientists from the European Center for Nuclear Research have created the World Wide Web project,

It has been 30 years since its creation. The first page of this site was specialized in exchanging information between the employees of the center in 1990, thus forming the basis for the existing Internet

According to the website of the British newspaper "Telegraph", the website is the first in the world.

And it was providing information about the Internet, more like a platform that facilitates access to documents and pages on the Internet through URLs,
They communicate with each other via links, as the goal of "Berners-Lee" was to link information in the Internet, to help users discover facts, create ideas, buy and sell things, and build new relationships faster.

The Internet was not what it used to be now,
Rather, it was a collection of fixed documents, which are used almost exclusively by defense organizations and academic institutions,

Lee's plan was to develop a site that could allow the search for electronic documents on the Internet easily and quickly.

Berners-Lee saw the Internet now and "Berners-Lee" stressed that he is an advocate of the open internet. It is the right of everyone to obtain from anywhere in the world easily and quickly, regardless of its source, declaring its refusal to censor the Internet by governments.

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