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the first video on youtube

The evening of April 23, 2005 was not unusual in the life of a young man, Jawed Karim (an American of Bangladeshi origin).

When he was on a trip to the zoo in San Diego, he asked his friend, "Yaakov Labitsky", for a video.

In front of a group of elephants, so that he can then upload the short clip, which does not exceed 19 seconds, on YouTube

As the first passage in the history of the site, which was in its beginnings, it is an idea of ​​a dating site.

The clip entitled "Me at the zoo" was able to change the face of cyberspace
And that spark the largest video repository in the history of mankind, and through it, he got Karim an amount of $ 36.6 million after Google purchased the site in 2006 for $ 1.6 billion.

Karim, born in 1979 in East Germany, is a Bangladeshi father of American nationality and works as a researcher for 3M
A German mother working as a professor of chemistry at the University of Minnesota, arrived in America in 1992
He continued his education until he reached the university level,
But he withdrew and did not complete the studies at the University of "Illinois - Urbana Champaign" and completed it remotely.
To work for Pay Pal in California,
There, he met two friends who shared the same inspiration and ambitions later: Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

The trio used to go out and stay up late and have nothing to do after purchasing "ebay" for the company they work for,
 And an idea started to create a video site for getting to know each other,
However, after its launch, this site was not accepted by web surfers, to the extent that Karim filled the space with the takeoff and landing sections.

The days went by without raising any interesting videos, which was frustrating and contributed to changing the convictions of the trio
Karim blew up the idea in practice, and uploaded the video "I am in the zoo"
To allow users around the world to upload videos for free.

According to Mother board vice, Karim said:
Users started coming to us and sharing all kinds of videos with us ... their dogs and their leaves or anything and it looked very interesting,
By June, we had completely updated the site, which made it more open and public. "

It is striking that the first experimental clip, "I am in the zoo", still has a viewing percentage of 13 years ago and has achieved more than 52 million views despite the absence of the idea in it and the poor image, and to this moment and YouTube users are raining the clip with comments until this moment.

The other thing is that Karim was not obsessed with money and was the least of the three partners financial share, as his share amounted to $ 36.6 million, taking millions to congratulate himself on living. Rather, he returned in that period to study again in the computer department at Stanford University and sees that learning from more Things are exciting in life, and he hopes to change the way people interact with the Internet, and some sources have estimated his fortune today at more than $ 140 million.



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