The first touch screen in the world. (Not from Apple)

The first touch screen in the world. (Not from Apple)

1965 to 2007: a brief history of touch screens
In the recent past, touch screens have been a major scientific and technical revolution,

Now these screens are used in most devices, from tablets and mobile phones to medical devices, ATMs, GPS, cash registers, gaming devices, laptops, TVs, and even offices.

Thanks to this technology, almost everything is an interactive surface.

Until recently, many believed that Apple was the true inventor of the touch screen
It introduced its first touch phone in 2007,

But the researcher in the history of these screens will discover that Apple did not invent the touch screens

But it has had the largest role in its development.

E.A Johnson was the real inventor of the touch screen in 1965

He developed a touch screen tablet and patented it in 1969

This tablet continued to monitor air traffic until 1995

The disadvantage of this device was its response to one touch at a time.

In 1970 Bennett Stamp and Frank Beck, two engineers working for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), developed a transparent screen that was just pressing on the surface to produce a tactile reaction

Somewhat similar to a pen, the screen was manufactured by CERN in 1973.

As for Samuel Hurst, he invented a touch screen called Elograph, and that was in 1974,

Then he founded a private company and named it Elographics
The company continued to operate commercially until Hirst sold the company in 1980.

Unlike the other screen, the design was multi-layer resistant, and responds to the touch of a finger or stylus. The outer layer is bent under any contact, and the layer is again pressed behind it.

Multitouch technology started in 1982, by the University of Toronto,
Also, Bell Labs invented a touch screen that could change images with more than one party in 1984,
Meanwhile, Myron Krueger developed an optical system to track hand movements.

A year later, the University of Toronto and Bill Paxton, a computer scientist and pioneering human-computer interaction, invented the multi-touch tablet using capacitive technology.

In 1990 Andrew Sears, a computer scientist, conducted an academic study on human-computer interaction

It described a single touch gesture review, such as rotating knobs, clicking to activate, and multi-touch to tie objects.

Over the next few decades, touch screen technology continues to innovate itself,

As screens become more accepting to touch and gestures, these were the most innovative moments on these devices.

How did we get to iPhone?

HP-150 was one of the touch computers

It was one of the first computers to be commercially launched in 1983 and the Touch feature consisted of a series of commands that move vertically and horizontally by infrared radiation that crosses in front of the screen,

 When you touch the screen, the infrared ray is broken, and the pointer is positioned where you want it. Computer

 It was sold for $ 2795.

The Atari ST-520 was the first commercially available POS system,

Which is used by restaurants until today in 1986,

This computer program was created in 16-bit color and was written by Jane Mosher under the copyright ViewTouch license.

In 1992 the IBM Simon phone was launched which is the first phone to have a touch screen.
It is the first smartphone in the current concept even though the term has not yet been invented.

A few competitors came early,
However, most mobile devices with touch screens were mostly PDAs rather than phones.

FingerWorks, a gesture recognition company, was a line of multi-touch products in 1998, including the iGesture keyboard and TouchStream keyboard. The company was sold to Apple in 2005.

The first generation iPhone was unveiled in 2007

It was the most popular touch screen device,

Although many consider 2007 the first haptic phone in 2007, many Apple competitors boast of having touch products ahead of Apple's most popular product, such as LG PRADA,
According to Nokia, it had more than one touch product

But she didn't risk producing it for fear of the high cost.
Samsung is still fighting with Apple over the launch of its first touch screen device.

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