The first to win the World Cup

The first to win the World Cup

The first FIFA World Cup winner

 Under the supervision of the International Federation of Football (FIFA), the first edition of the FIFA World Cup Final was launched in the Uruguay country in 1930.

The final match was in the Uruguayan capital (Montevideo) on the thirtieth of July of the same year,

The presence of nearly 80,000 spectators in the stadium (Centario), where this match brought together the team of the host country (Uruguay) with his neighbor, the Argentine elected.

The first half of the match ended with a two-to-one lead by Argentina.
However, Uruguay managed to reverse the result in its favor by achieving three goals in the second half,

 To end with this first final in the history of the World Cup for Football, with Uruguay winning by four goals against two goals, to become its first team to be crowned the World Cup for Football.

The first basketball World Cup winner

 The World Basketball Cup is the main event of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA),

Where it was launched in the year 1950 AD the first copy of it in the State of Argentina,
With the participation of 6 international teams, Argentina has reached the final match to be met on its soil, and among its fans

Who numbered approximately 25,000 supporters - the US elected

And the Argentine team was able to win this match with a score of (64-50) points, declaring itself the first champion of the World Cup for basketball,
And thus was the second place for the American team, while Chile won the third place

The first handball World Cup winner

 The first world men's handball championship (closed halls) was launched in Germany in 1938
Under the supervision of the International Handball Federation, this is known as (IAHF).

What later became called the International Handball Federation, known as the acronym (IHF).

This tournament lasted for only two days, the fifth and the sixth of February.

Note that only four women participated in these elections:

The host country is Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Austria.

Unusually, this tournament did not have an actual final match, as each team faced the rest of the three teams, i.e. by 6 games that determined the winner of this first tournament of its kind, 

which is the German team that won the most points,

 while the second and third place lost They were elected by the Austrian and Swedish, respectively.

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