The first printer in the world

The first printer in the world

The German Johann Gutenberg was credited with inventing the printing machine in the year 1440.

Johann Gutenberg is a German inventor born in 1398 AD and died on February 3 , 1468 AD . 

Made in the year 1447 to develop molds letters that are placed next to each other and then placed above the paper and then presses it shall be printed .

Developing that printing science that was invented before that in Korea in the year 1234 AD,

He is considered the inventor of modern printing.

The polished and separated letters were created from one another,

Which can be linked and tightened so that all of them consist of a single block on which the pages are placed

He did not win Gothenburg from behind the invention of this thing

Rather, when he printed [ the Bible ] he forgot to write his name on his pages . And it took him problems and issues,

Then he took work, and went on it without that knows that it has achieved humanity achievement great .

( Known as Johann Gutenberg generally as the first European pioneers in the art of [ printing ] characters animated ,

It was already the Chinese that invented before centuries like this print ,

But their invention this did not reach never [ Europe] ,

On what in that of wonder , Johann Gutenberg had not heard of him ,

And his press was operating for the year 1430 AD.

 Not to be sure if it was there written from the printed Johann Gutenberg is still reserved to the day

But there is a Torah known as the Gutenberg Torah , which was found in the French Library in 1760 AD

In the year 1901 AD discovered one part of a calendar or calendar , and said it to print .

Gutenberg used special types of ink, lead, and tin for printing

Also reached Gothenburg method helps in converting the ink from his liquid to the words printed on paper .

Gutenberg's invention had the greatest effect in disseminating knowledge and various sciences in the world

And make them available without trouble.

At the beginning of its invention

The machine was printing more than 3000 pages per day

By the year 1600 were printing presses Gothenburg, which spread in Europe are widely at the time,

It has contributed to the printing of nearly of 200 million book .

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