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The first phone call in history

The first phone call in history

The world celebrates 142 years since the first telephone conversation between two cities in history

This month, the world celebrates the 142th anniversary of the first telephone conversation between two cities in history, which was the first spark for the advanced communications technology that we currently know.

On October 9, 1876, the two famous scientists Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson made their first two-way telephone call over the open wires, as that call was between Boston and Cambridge.

According to news reports, Bill's first sentence on the phone was: "Mr. Watson, come here now, I want to see you."

This call was a historical shift in technology, and a sign of the launch of the telephone communication era, which witnessed extensive developments during the following years.

It is worth noting that Alexander Graham Bell is considered one of the most important and greatest inventors of the 19th century, as he is famous for many important inventions, perhaps the most prominent of which is the phone.

Reports indicated that Bill and his assistant Watson were working on the consensual telegraph, when a straw was hung in the Watson transmitter, and this led to the conversion of intermittent current into a continuous current, to which Bill would hear a sound on his receiver.