The First Mobile Phone ,Who Invented ?

Who Invented the First Mobile Phone?

Motorola and the first mobile phone production

The American company for wireless communications and electronic systems (Motorola Inc.) produced the first mobile phone

The brothers, Paul Galvin and Joseph Galvin are the owners of the company
Where it was established in the year 1928 AD, and the main building of the company was in the American city of Chicago,

The company was then called the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation,
Then in 1947, the company changed its name to Motorola
On the third of April in the year 1973 AD, one of the employees of the company produced the first mobile phone in the world

This employee was the engineer Martin Cooper.

Then in the year 1984 AD Motorola unveiled the first commercial phone that can be acquired, which is (DynaTAC 8000x).

First generation phones

First generation (1G) phones were using technologies like NMT, AMPS and TACS
In other words, it uses radio frequencies, as voice calls were made by radio frequencies, and the reception of these frequencies was not fixed

A cell phone looks like a simple radio

The calls were also broadcast on a certain frequency, and therefore it was possible to use FM radio to listen in on the call, and given the low battery capacity at that time and the development of large antennas

This type of cellphone could only be mobile and not mobile

Phones of the following generations

These phones include the following:

- 2G phones :

These phones used advanced technologies such as GSM or CDMA, so the quality of the phone call was consistent

 In order to obtain a data connection, some technologies such as GPRS that support MMS were used WAP service for Internet service as well as various Java programs.

- 3G and 4G phones: 

These devices enable users to view high-quality photos and videos, using GSM and CDMA technologies.

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