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The first application to communicate now is Tik Tok, why?

The first application to communicate now is Tik Tok, why?

The "Tik Tok" application is the international version of the "Doyen" application spread in China, which was launched in the year 2016.

In fact, the application is not very different from other applications we know, where users can download short videos, not exceeding 15 seconds, and share them with friends.

That is, it works in a similar way to the way Facebook works, for example, or other social media platforms,

But the main material friends share is not posts (writings) or photos, but rather video material.

On the manufacturer's website, the app identifies itself as "the platform that visualizes, documents and advances the world through life's most important moments on a smartphone."

Once you have written "Tik Tok" on the website "YouTube" you can see very large amounts of the videos that were shared through the application. In fact, "Tik Tok" is a huge success, especially among young people and adolescents.

The Chinese company, "Byte Dance", takes over the application with its international and Chinese versions (Doyen), and it is considered one of the best international private companies according to the term "NBC News" America.

Globally, and according to available numbers, there are more than 320 million people who downloaded the application on Android devices alone in the year 2019.

This means that the actual number may be much higher if we think about iOS devices.

The application in India met with wide success, as it was downloaded more than 119 million times, compared to about 40 million times in the United States of America and 28.4 million times in Turkey.

The Apptopia website, which specializes in application statistics, estimated the number of active Tik Tok users around the world last December at more than 350 million users.

This is with regard to the international version of the application, which by the way, the number of its users in the United States of America alone increased by about 65 million people in three months in the year 2019.

In China, the local version is also very popular, with about 300 million people downloading the app, compared to 150 million using it daily.

This means that approximately 600 million people around the world use the application daily.

The numbers of uploaders and users led to a lot of questions to ask about the future of "Tik Tok", as the specialists wonder if he starts threatening the throne of "Facebook" for example?

The latter tries to pre-empt the battle in any way, as it launched a similar application a short time ago, "Laso".