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Save time ! make money

Time is more than money because the money paid (that was paid) can be earned again, 

but when you spend your time you cannot earn again. There is a common saying, "Time and tide are not waiting for anyone" 

that it is as true as the health of life on earth. Time is running continuously non-stop, he (time) does not want anyone.

So, we should not spend our precious time without purpose or meaning at any stage of our life. 

We must always understand the meaning of time and use it well to achieve our goals. We should learn something from the past. 

If time always passes without stopping, then why do we cannot. (If time does not stop why do we stop)

There are many benefits of time management.

People who mange their time well and effectively usually accomplish more things in their life.

Time management is a skill that almost everyone needs to learn nowadays because we often get distracted by other things. 

The number one factor of being successful person on your career or studies is time management.

With a great time management you can do many activities on a day such as going to work, doing some exercises, spending time with your family, 

And learning something new.