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my wish is to live a happy life with my family

my wish is to live a happy life with my family.

 I like to be a happy person all the time.

 I also wish to have a house that is big and in a quite area.

I wish to have a family one day and have my kids and teach theme good things in their life.

I also hope to be good and always do great things for my parents.

I love my family and I hope we live a happy life all the time.
my dream is big, I would like to be a nice person and help people in need.
my dream is to start my own business and do many things to make it grow. 
after my business is big, I will open many branches around the country.

I want my business to become like a huge company.
when I achieve my goal, I will be helping my family and people in need.
This is my dream and I wish it come true one day.
My wish is to be a successful person in my school, with my family, with my friends and in my job in the future.

 I hope to be a good student and get a high grades on my classes.

I hope to be good and kind with my parents and family.
my hope is to be a good friend to my friends. in my job

I wish to be a successful person. I wish to achieve many things in my future.

I wish to graduate with a very good grades.

I wish to continue my higher education in Saudi Arabia or in other countries.

I wish to have a successful life full of achievements that makes my family proud of me.

I wish also to have a privet business that grows and become a huge company overtime.
these are my wishes and dreams and I hope they come true one day.
But now !
This was my dream . But nothing happened