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 !Maybe we have a good life

Life is full of free lessons and the smart people who learn from these lessons

It is important to learn from your mistake to help you avoid them in the future.

Life is really short and we do not notice that. a person faces may changelings in life usually 
become a strong person in the future.

Life becomes good only if you understand it.

If you see good things your life will be happy.

And if you only see the bad and negative things you may think life is not good.
the most beautiful thing in life is to live and help other people and enjoy your time living in peace.

I love my lifestyle because I believe that I am a good person.

I like to make people happy around me and I usually have good relation with other people.

I also like to help people in need like helping poor people and try to make them feel happy.

I like to have a good time with my family in the house and treat my parents with respect all the time.

Are you have  a good life ?