LG Company history From dream to success

LG Company history  From dream to success


Each Insa n each company defined your success . Every company known or developed a concept based on the theory of a specific and objective and clearly seeking him , on despite the difficulties and obstacles , competitors and market conditions.

Understood LG Group It was and is still based on the basis of ' we want to draw the attention of the world for our products , . And on this only SAS and this concept evolved the company from the beginning of a modest relative to occupies the status of a prestigious and important in the world of trade and international.

 LG Group :

  LG Group What are the only group companies Korean South . It is the third largest company in Korea after my company - Hyundai - and - Samsung - and its headquarters will be interpreted , and its name was previously Lucky GoldstarNamed after the b LG Group It has huge investments in China, Indonesia, and Britain . And its ambition to become the institution with its name own it as a company - IBM- and - Coca Cola - Not sure.

The group consists of about 12 different companies with different activities . Its main depends on the chemicals, except Electronics, services and financial and commercial public . After the issuance of orders for companies industrial from the government Korean to determine its activity focused the company on the only Electronics devices mobile phones .

Back the history of the company to War World II when he was able to KO - that - Hewaa to reach a composition powder for not Sinan after a period of foundation Lucky Chemical Company Year 1947 for the manufacture of creams for the face, and then shampoo and toothpaste only Sinan, did not go the simple so was the company 's only in the industry Fashio Steak .. After his success founded the Ku company business year 1953.

 In an attempt to compete with the Japanese he founded the company Goldstar year 1958 for the manufacture of fans then became the company 's only gone in the manufacture of devices Alradaovi in 1959 , and refrigerators in the year 1965 , and TV in 1966 , lifts and Alsla no electricity in 1968 , Algsala T. and air conditioners in 1969. Pala addition to being a company refining oil especially in Korea . Business has flourished Lucky Goldstar In the period between 1962 and 1979 because of the Ela Ge document between Hewaa President Park Chung is .

The company started the manufacture of petrochemicals in 1977 , and built the largest factory in the world for petrochemical industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1986.

And except for the period between 1970 and 1980 it expanded Goldstar quickly exploited labor Korean cheap, especially in the export only Electronics under the names of famous as companies . Penny. & Sears JC

In spite of the high proportion of income from the only endowed only eGovernment , which are manufactured by the company and its growth rapid, but the organization only Dare is effective for the company impact on its growth and weakened, what made Samsung in the foreground, as the late eighties weakened the company due to the factors of a number of the most important increase the wages of workers and the volatility of the currency Korean, but the beginning of the nineties saw an adjustment T to put re - company road right, especially after receiving a five J percent of the company Zenith However , Mirkah and manufactured TVs year 1991.

 Bonn Mukwu :

 The year 1992 witnessed a merger between the company Goldstar and between Goldstar Lalla Electronics . In the year , the same was signed agreement with the company Samsung so as to reduce the expenses of only research workers and development, and in the year 1994 and signed a company not to Goldstar agreement with the government - Saka - in Russia for the rehabilitation field - Olga - coal.

In the year 1995 turned the name of the company to LG Group. It was chaired by Bonn Mukwu , who graduated at the University of Ohio in childbirth Yat United . Do a lot of the company and get it to important stages . He says about the slogan that it represents a face smiling, which is the face of all of the buys or uses products LG Group. In the speech he addressed to his staff with the beginning of the year 1998 , said : '' must be use the difficulties and obstacles that we have encountered except for the year 1997 , which is the most difficult years, and consider it as opportunities for reflection and not creativity . We must to learn lessons from the only impropriety, she tells us on what you should not do , and we do . So should we change some of the concepts and habits that have led us to what led the year 1997.

** The most important what you should if we do pa n is :

1. to believe liquidity is permanently to not Stmrar and develop the system 's financial, no n money is the translation true for all what we are doing the work , which , which indicates the value of what we do .

2. Focus on the points of strength are essentially no n focus is the basis of success .

3. to make a revolution in the way we think. ''

In the year 1996 gave the company Apple computer right to LG Group Manufactures some aftershocks computer . Then it was established with IBMA joint company for the manufacture of personal computers .

A group of companies LG Group Successful on despite the weakness that got her , and despite the fluctuations numerous, namely the companies that fought room t various, strongly and determination, reached sales to 73 billion states t, and has 126,000 employees and workers in the 120 state .

 Philosophy key is [ the manufacture of products of high value comparable to the value of only Wonsan and dignity .

It is the story of success, philosophy - experiences learn not to Wonsan - and fight Amajala t many important very condition of discovering aspects only creativity in it and focus on it

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