? How to create your future easily

?  How to create your future easily 

Making the future needs tools that one can equip - and without it, one cannot venture into life with strength, confidence and effectiveness

First: the target is neutralized

The individual must have a clear, specific goal that alternates and abilities, inclinations, willingness and desires, because one has no goal in life like a boat without a sail that waves throw right and left

But how can I set my goals in life in a proper and appropriate way that I do not regret in the future and do not take many years of life in vain. ” One of the first steps to define a goal is not to be influenced by the opinion of his parents, relatives or friends who want him well

but they do not know his true abilities and desires .. Therefore you are the one who decides, because you are the one who will live this neighborhood as a whole your life

The second: People are of two types

The first: a type that loves dealing with people and fulfilling their needs and assistance, such as lawyers, doctors, media workers, and the police ... ... to other professions that require dealing with people directly

The second: a type that does not like and does not prefer dealing with the public, but rather loves dealing with hardware, maps, and the like, such as computer software designers, engineers, and technicians ... And others

This does not mean that there is a good variety and another that is not good. Rather, it is the desires of human beings. One has to determine what kind it is in order to make it easier for him to define his scientific and professional field

Third: To seek reception

To go to the future in the sense that if you want to be a lawyer, go to a law firm and live with them for a whole week to see if you find yourself in this field or is it just an unrealistic desire to waste years of your life, and this applies to the rest of the professions that you want to join , And so on until you find yourself in what you love and enjoy

And finally

And the advice to you .. If you do not choose your goal with care, love and sincere desire, trust that life will choose for you what you do not like, and create a future for you that you do not want - so it is for you .... You are the decision maker in determining your future .. and the shape of the life you want to live

You may experience frustration when trying to achieve your goal in life - because the middle of the life cycle may affect many of us with negative frustrating feelings, often pushing him to a state that impedes him from continuing to achieve the goal he wants or to continue his work   and his career in life. 

?  From which direction it is unable to resist or confront

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