Founded by the owner of a grocery store .. Learn the history of Samsung

 Founded by the owner of a grocery store 

 Learn the history of Samsung

If you expect that the corporate giant in the world have begun this Alsat and riches, you should think once again in this matter !!

Needs everyone to determination , determination , effort and work diligently to reach the ranks high in their lives . As said , saying the adage ( no one starts from the top, you have to make their way to it ) , and the biggest example on this matter, it is what was the company Samsung at the beginning of its establishment and up to him now , if you You want to know about Al- Mazed about the inspiring history of Samsung , you have come to the right place.

All what we know now about the company company Samsung Samsung Korean South is that it is one of the largest producers of hardware electronic in the world as they specialize in the production of a group wide of electronics consumer and industrial, including the so hardware media digital and semi - conductor chips memory and systems integrated, it which make it one of the most names known in the technology and produces about five Total exports of Korea , South, but did not this is what was the case at the beginning of the company.

And because Samsung did not start her career as a giant , as is now, he replies to know that it was founded Kmottagr trade grocery in the first of March in 1938 by someone named ( Lee Byung - chul ) Lee Byung-Chull Who began his business in Taegu , Korea, according to the Encyclopedia " Britannica " speaking in English .

Made me at the beginning trading goods and other produced in the city and exported to China and its provinces . After the Korean War , Lee expanded his business to include textiles and opened the largest wool factory in Korea.

After that, it focused me heavily on manufacturing in order to help his country to re - develop itself after the war . During that period, benefited from his work from the policies of protectionism new that adopted by the government Korean, which was designed to help conglomerates local large ( chaebol) Than through the protection of competition and the provision of financing easy to them.

During the seventies of the century , the twentieth, and it expanded the company 's operations manufacturing textiles to include line production full - ranging from material raw access to the product end - to the competition is the best in the industry fabric .

And then, the establishment of branches of new , such as Samsung Heavy Industries And Samsung Shipbuilding And Samsung Precision Company (Samsung Techwin) , And during the same period, it began the company to invest in the industries of heavy , chemical and petrochemical, which provides the company through the growth of promising .

As for the electronics industry that distinguishes the giant company at the present time , Samsung has entered Samsung This industry for the first time in the year 1969 with many of the sections that focus on electronics - products first were devices TV in black and white .

During the year 1970 began the company export products , electronics home in abroad, at that time, was the company Samsung Samsung Already factory major in Korea, has acquired a stake of 50 in percent in Korea in the field of manufacturing semiconductor conductors .

Since entering the Samsung this area, and did not stop for a moment of development and prosperity, where he witnessed the late seventies and early eighties to expand rapidly in the business technology Samsung has been the establishment of branches separate semiconductor semiconductor and electronics, and in the year 1978 was the establishment of the Department of Space Air.

Established company ( Systems Data Samsung ) Samsung Data Systems( Now Samsung SDS) In the year 1985 to meet the needs of companies growing to develop systems; has helped that Samsung on to become a leader in service technology information quickly .

In the nineties of the century past, and continued to Samsung expansion in the markets of the electronics world, and despite the success, but she and Adjat a series of scandals, including in that cases of bribery multiple suits that involve the violation of patents of invention, however , it continued the company to make progress on technology the facades of the quality of the product, which increased the number of its products technology - from semiconductor conductors to screens computer screens crystal liquid - to the centers of the five first in its share in the market world .

It is worth mentioning about the company giant is that the contract the first of the century , the twentieth has seen the birth of a series of phones Galaxy Galaxy Smart from Samsung, which has not become the only product the most famous of the company , but also tops in many of the often lists the annual best phones smart - selling in the world .

Since the year 2006 , it was the company is the company 's global most - selling devices TV, and starting from the year 2010 , expanded the series Galaxy Galaxy To include hardware PC tablet with the introduction device Galaxy Tab.

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