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Failed management systems in our societies

  !!!!!!!!!!  Failed management systems in our societies

There was a diligent ant

Every morning she turns to work with vigor, happiness and happiness

It produces and accomplish a lot

When it was seen by Assad, it works extremely efficiently without supervision

He said to himself:

"If the ant works with all this energy without anyone supervising it

How will it be produced

If you appointed a supervisor for her?

And so he hired

Al-Sarsar is a general supervisor

On the performance of the ant

His first decision was

1. Establish a system of attendance and leave

2. Hiring a secretary to write reports

3. Eye of the spider for archiving management and monitoring of phone calls

Al-Assad rejoiced at the cockroach's reports and asked him to develop these reports by listing:

a. charts

B. Data analysis

To be presented at the next board meeting

So he bought the cockroach

1. PC

2. Laser printer

3. Set the fly

Responsible for the Information Systems Department

I hated the diligent ant

The many administrative aspects of the new system

And meetings that were wasting time and effort

When Assad felt a performance problem, he decided

1. Change the mechanism of work in the department

2. Al-Jaradah appointed for her experience in administrative development

It was the first locust decisions

1. Buy new furniture

2. Purchase of rugs for the convenience of the staff

3. A personal assistant has been appointed to assist her in developing development strategies and budget preparation

After al-Assad reviewed the operating cost, he found it necessary to cut costs and to achieve this goal, he appointed the owl as a financial advisor

After the owl studied the situation for three months, she submitted her report to Al-Assad, in which she concluded that the department suffers from overcrowding.

So the lion decided to separate the ant !!

This is the real meaning of the restructuring .....